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What’s Your Favorite Sex Toy?

I’ve been kicking ideas around with my boyfriend. We met in late March so the hyper-excited, “can’t keep our hands off each other” stage is over and we’ve settled into a comfortable groove. This is a problem. While not a crisis, this “groove” can very easily become a rut, and the rut can become a dysfunction, and the dysfunction can become…you know what I mean? So, we’re kicking around ideas.

My boyfriend is a filmmaker. Trust me, this has endless possibilities. I have roles planned that will give me the range of Hepburn and the elusiveness of Garbo. He won’t hesitate to go into sex shops with me like many guys would. He’s open to everything from cuffs to vibrating rings. This is a very, very good thing.

See, one of my biggest fears in relationships is staleness, and its one of the major reasons I’m no good at the long-term, soul mates, “can’t live without you” game. But the guy I’m seeing now is the first and only guy I’ve been with who embodies all the qualities I’m looking for in a long-term relationship, therefore, I’m stockpiling ideas now so as not to get bored later on.

So, what constitutes a sex toy? There’s erotic fiction: we can buy it; we can write it ourselves. There’s lingerie. There’s whatever is in the refrigerator. You have music. You have those body painting and dice games. You have pretty much whatever your heart and mind can dream up. Which reminds me…whatever your taste or whatever mood you’re in, whether you’re feeling aggressive or ultra-feminine, wild or very conservative, the most important and valued sex toy you’ll ever employ is your mind. Stay tuned for tales of my sex-toy experiments.

What’s your favorite sex toy? Share your stories!


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Recent Comments

Don't feel bad. What you are doing is helping your boyfriend spend the BlokeMiles he is earning (sorry, rather a British phrase) in the best way possible, although I'm alarmed you haven't yet paid... Read More >>

Posted by: Matt Ravden | Oct 22, 2007 3:17:05 AM

Hey Joe,

*sarcasm noted* Thanks but not thanks. You're too late. I already met and married someone who was 95% on the Master List. So as you can worked for me!

...

Posted by: Vixen | Oct 11, 2007 6:05:28 PM

I actually know someone who meets 90% of the above.

My friend is a fantastic dresser, cooker, loves the fine arts, and is incredibly intelligent.

the only one he doesn't match is #4... Read More >>

Posted by: Joe | Oct 11, 2007 3:28:42 PM

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