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Some Boys Open Doors for Girls

I like it when a guy opens a door for me.  More than that, I've begun to recognize it as an indication of his character and his upbringing.  It's a simple courtesy, and I value it.

When I was younger, I was all, "I can open my own door."  But you know what?  The door-openers, they open the door for you anyway.

Some guys say, "I never know whether to open the door or not, and I'm afraid she'll be insulted or give me some attitude."  You know what, the door-openers, they open the door anyway.  And if you're offended, maybe they don't open the door for you next time.  Or they just smile, and they open the door anyway.

Look, I can pay my own rent, make my own way, fix my own flat, and talk relatively intelligently to an auto mechanic, but the everyday courtesy of an opened door and a smile - well, it's a nicety that remains from different times, sure, but it's a good one.

It says, I see you and I appreciate you and I have a confidence in myself as a boy who opens doors for a girl.

I think the key is in the amount of effort it takes.  That is, next to none.  So to make that effort and hold that door and smile and connect in that friendly way, well, it holds value and respect and a sense of community.  It's like the hand on your back in a waltz, or help with that fifth package that's one too many but you tried to carry it anyway.

It's the same reason that a picked up check or a bunch of flowers can mean so much.  Because it's a simply courtesy, a nicety - something most of us can do for ourselves, but which is oh so nice to receive.

So when a guy holds a door open for me and steps aside to let me pass through, I look right at him, smile and say, "Thank you very much."


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I love boys who open doors. I applaud them. We forget these niceties, so caught up in gurrl power. Don't get me wrong. I believe in girl/gurrl power, but it's nice to be treated like a lady too.

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