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You Have To Work, But Your Partner Wants To Play

"Are you sure you can't come over and watch a movie?"

"No, honey, I have to work.  I have to write tonight."

The Temptation of the Boyfriend.  I already gave in once this week, albeit after I'd finished my most important "to dos."

Don't get me wrong - I'm glad he asked.  I'm glad he wants to see me, and I'm glad he's in my life.  But I have to work, and even when it's work I enjoy and want to be doing, a big part of me wants to goof off and go to my boyfriend's house to watch a movie.  I want to see him.

But you can't do that, you know.  Blow off your commitments and things that are important to you to go play with a boy.  At least not regularly.

Not because of any "rules" or as part of any relationship games, but because it's important to maintain the "you" in the "us."  No matter how much he says he wants to see you, no one healthy actually wants to be in a relationship with someone who's miserable and freaking out that their life's falling apart because they didn't stand up for their needs.  And no one who works with you or maintains a friendship with you wants to be dealing with someone who's blowing off commitments because of their relationship.

I hope your relationships last, I really do, but if they don't, the life you're blowing off is the life you'll be returning to with that broken heart.  Better to incorporate both worlds wisely.

Which is exactly why I'm sitting in my bedroom, all alone, writing this post for you, instead of sitting in the dark, snuggling with my honey, watching a movie.

Don't worry; you're worth it.  ;)

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Boy did this post come at the perfect time for me.

I've been working 16 hour days 6 to 7 days per week for over a month now. My time with my boyfriend has turned into "feel free to research your trip to India while I work on the computer."

Quality time has turned into "at least we're in the same room" time.

However, I've been erring on the side of quantity vs quality where we see each other every day but we're not engaging each other and doing fun things. I need to learn to say no to the "same room" time and balance work with actually DATING him. =0)

Oh, that's been the story of my life in the last few weeks while Blogher approached.

He gets home and can't imagine that I don't immediately log off and join him!

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