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The Trinity: Religion, Prostitution, and Publicity

My friend, Suzanne Reisman (who blogs at CUSS and Other Rants and BlogHer), made me aware of a story that I think warrants some attention. It's the story of a woman who hasn't had it easy: multiple children by multiple fathers, abuse, prostitution, pornography, and frequent appearances on the Howard Stern Show. But it's actually the church that she has "founded" that makes me want to talk about her.

Misty Shipman, or as she now is called, " J.C. Nouveaux", is the founder of The Maternal Order of St. Eve. This is a church whose primary tenets say:

“I believe that God is flawed because he is not married; there is no Goddess and so that disempowers women. And I also think that making prostitution illegal takes away from the sacrifices we make as women, and it allows men to have had 2,000 years of constant free sex without paying for it because that’s the church law”

Is this merely an attempt at legalizing prostitution? Are we claiming that women are simply a commodity? Are all men pigs who use us up and toss us back after they've ejaculated? (My personal belief to that last one is "No". Though we sometimes let them get away with it). It is an interesting concept - however, this is coming from a woman who believes that Paris Hilton is her role model!!! I have absolutely no problem with women wanting to sell their bodies - if it is their own independent decision and not based on desperation. However, I find it dangerous to suggest that being used as a seminal petri dish is all women are good for.

And as for the media blitz she receives from her HSS appearances, let me just say that while it is horrifying that Howard Stern exploits Misty in such a way, she keeps coming back. Why Misty, why??? (And having once appeared on the Howard Stern Show myself, many years ago, I find it hard to believe that she feels empowered by her appearance there).

While this is a subject that we can discuss for eons, let me say one thing: There are women who do use their bodies as sensual temples and explore and experiment with their sexuality as they see fit. This woman is not one of them. This is a tortured soul, who has convinced herself that the religion she created is the right path and isn't afraid to take off her clothes and espouse her ideologies simulataneously while she is on the radio.

Female sexuality is complicated - regardless of whether or not you believe in legalizing prostitution. What is certain, is that history has been harsh on women and their innate sexual desires. If anything, this new "religion" has provided us with an opportunity to talk about gender politics and in turn, challenge them.


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Hey, guys, just listen. I know that christianity has poisened the idea of prostitution for centuries, and that many people consider it to be immoral. The publicity I have gotten for this has proved that I can, in fact, offer sex in exchange for money without legal repercussions. I feel satisfied now that men arent simply using me anymore. This religion has empowered me in many ways. i do enjoy sex with many of my clients. i think sex is a terrific thing, and i feel that i have turned the tables of the abuse that i have suffered by asking my men for money. you can see my bible rewrite project on or under the display name Christian Messiah. You can read my blogs and disagree with them. most christians do. but please dont pity me. The attempt at the legallizing of Prostitution was the only way i saw to establish ownership of my own vagina. let me have it. we are to have freedom of religion here, and the ammount of time i get to spend at home with my daughter is important. i do not have one man to support me as i do this, but i have several. that is enough for me. i do not need your pity or your judgement.
thanks anyway.

Thanks, Suzanne.
This wasn't an easy one because there are so many issues here. But at least we had an opportunity to touch on a few - and begin another dialogue about women and sexuality. Though I will say that I would love to hear some male comments on this story!!!

Thanks for taking the reins on this story, Logan. It brings up so many issues that it is almost impossible to tackle in one post, and you did a very nice job.

I just feel very sorry for Nouveaux. It seems that her terrible experiences with men and sex have left her cut off from herself, and I hope that some day she can find for herself that sex can be a good thing for women.

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Hey, guys, just listen. I know that christianity has poisened the idea of prostitution for centuries, and that many people consider it to be immoral. The publicity I have gotten for this has proved... Read More >>

Posted by: JC Nouveau aka Misty Schipman | Nov 9, 2007 3:31:39 PM

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