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Shopping with Your Man

So this weekend, The Boyfriend and I went shirt shopping at Ross.  I needed shirts; he needed shirts and help picking out shirts.  I was afraid on so many levels.

First of all, I was afraid I would be no good at helping him pick out shirts.  Sad, but true.  I haven't been in a relationship in eons - what if I'd just lost it?  What if I loved something and then everyone else in the whole world thought it was hideous?

Second, I wasn't sure how we'd be shopping together.  Let's face it, the combined shopping trip can absolutely be a disaster.

Third, was he up to the discount store experience?  Heck, I get overwhelmed at Ross.  You just can't beat the buys, though, so that's where I was going.  So that's where we were going.

And I learned something.  I learned that shirt shopping is infinitely easier for men.  Everything that he tried on that fit looked at least fine - and just about everything basically fit.  Sure, some were obviously too big or too small, but if a shirt was anywhere in the ballpark, it looked pretty good.  And lots of them looked great.  He kept telling me to stop liking them all.

Then there's the scene in my fitting room.  Medium knitted tops almost always work for me, but I was purposely trying not to buy knitted tops.  I wanted to get some button-downs.  Yeah, I was literally busting out of most of the mediums I brought into my first trip into the fitting room.  Switching to larges didn't help.  I was too over it to look through the extra larges.  This is what I do:  I take a million things into the fitting room, look into a mirror that reflects every flaw, bulge and fly-away hair, and then bring them all back out because to find a shirt (or pants, or skirt, or absolutely anything) that actually fits is a shopping miracle.

Meanwhile, back in the men's dressing room, The Boyfriend is deciding between the 15 shirts he looked totally hot in.  He ended up buying 10 shirts.  And I didn't do too bad in the end - I bought 6 shirts.  But 3 of them were knits, and two of the button-downs won't fit when I'm retaining water.

But I guess the important thing is, the shopping went OK.  We shopped together OK.  Nice.  Good thing, because we both need a return trip for other items.

I still need new pants.  < shudder >

Later that night, The Boyfriend was like, hey, let's have some desert.  Want a brownie bit?  Want a cookie?  Want ice cream?

Heck, no!  A few hours in a dressing room may be the best diet technique there is.


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I love to mentally style people. I'm always doing it. Even with people I don't even know. So, I love the style my men. Its tricky though because I want to help shop without giving the impression I'm trying to be his mother. So, I'm glad you shopped together rather than you just buying him a bunch of shirts. Just wait until he returns the favor and helps you pick out lingerie...

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