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The Implications of 9/11: A Fight to End Intolerance

September 11th is a hard day for everyone. Aside from the sadness I feel everytime I look at the gap in my beautiful New York skyline, I feel equal sadness at what 9/11 symbolizes - intolerance of all kinds.

I still can't understand why a person's personal decisions - sexual, religious, or otherwise, have any bearing on anyone else. We fight battles in the name of protecting our rights and freedoms, but still have difficulty accepting our own quest for universal freedom and civil rights.

And yes, my field is sexuality and sexuality is where I see so many crimes of intolerance. We chastise those who are different. We penalize people whose internal compass speaks of same gender love. We tell children that sexuality and sexual desires outside of marriage are dangerous but confuse them with misogynistic sexual imagery everywhere they turn. While these issues may pale in comparison to the tragedy of 9/11, I do believe that they are all indicative of our desperate need to put things into perspective.

Let us pick our battles wisely. Don't challenge people who love eachother. Challenge those who breed hate - of all kinds. Provide children with information so that they can make independent decisions and not follow some fanatical leader because they do not know any better.

We should learn from the that we can create a better future.


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