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The Pre-Date Countdown

1.  It's too late to lose 10 pounds, so let it go.
2.  It's also too late to dye any grey hairs (or cover that hot pink experiment), so let it go.  Pretend it's your "Rogue" look.  (Or that you're just that punk rock.)

3.  You do not have to be in control, just let the evening play out.
4.  It is OK (and healthy and fun even) to have someone treat you.
5.  Relax
6. Don't drink too much.  Remember, when you're nervous, alcohol hits you more.  Guinness being the exception, and always an excellent choice.
7.  It's OK to be nervous.
8. When you find yourself blabbering like Hugh Grant in every romantic comedy ever (and you will), it's OK.  Stop.  Ask your date a question. Listen.
9.  Wear really sexy underwear, even if there's no way in hell your date is going to see it.
10.  Look your date in the eyes.
11. Safety, safety, safety!  You're meeting your date there or you've gotten references.  Tell a friend where you're going, or schedule a safety call.
12.  Show a little breast.  Show a little breast.  And not in the freezing cold, that's just stupid.  What you're wearing should be comfortable before it's anything else.
13.  Review the results of your Google stalking.
14.  Are you wearing deodorant?  Got cash?  ID?  Jacket?  All that practical stuff.
15.  Don't be afraid of moments of silence.  You don't have to fill every moment with chatter.
16.  Don't lie.  Remember, lying about your interests on a first date is a standard sitcom plot.  Don't be a sitcom.
17. Remember, you can't be the only person in the world that goes to the bathroom ten times before a date, and it's not like anyone's going to know.  Unless you blog about it.
18.  Have fun.
19.  Be yourself.
20.  Breathe.

So, did I miss anything???


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Lol, I think you did cover everything....especially the breathe part.

One of my main tips is to talk less and listen more. You can find out alot about a person just by listening to what they say and how they say it. Not hearing--but actually listening. Focus on how you feel and the vibes you are getting from him. There are alot of unconscious vibes that men send out on the first date that you won't pick up to if you aren't paying enough attention.

Don't eat garlic or onions and take breath mints/gum.

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