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A Whole Week of Anti-Porn Rhetoric?

Have I been living under a rock? Or am I so totally immersed in my oddly liberal NYC life that I didn't know that this week (according to a statement that G.W.Bush made in 2003) is "Protection from Pornography" week. WTF?

Yeah, so I didn't get that memo. Not that it would have made a difference anyway. But I did hear about this from, who writes about erotic author Violet Blue's campaign against the right wing's attack on all things erotic. According to Blue, she is turning the tables on this week and waging war on "bad porn"...hmmm, she might have a point.

Nonetheless, I have once again found myself attempting to defend the world of erotica and pornography. True, it is not for everyone, nor does it substitute quality sexuality education (especially for children and teens who have a difficult time processing what they see). However, for adults (consenting adults), erotica can be an outlet to explore fantasies in a safe way. Porn isn't perfect...but neither is abstinence only education.

Really, a war on porn? How about a war on a culture that condemns all things sexual which in turn forces people to turn to porn because they have no other way of accessing sexual information?

That makes a lot more sense to me.

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