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The Milk Was Free, and That's Okay

Do all women want to be married? Yeah, I didn't think so...but apparently, there are some so-called "experts" that are desperate to help women get hitched.

My friend, E., sent me a link to a website called Woman Incorporated that was forwarded to her by a male "friend". When I looked through it, I actually thought it was a joke. When I read quotes like: our objective is "helping women to get married while in the stage of fertility", I thought I was going to throw up. Yes, actually throw up.

Does someone want to explain to me why there are still people who believe that a woman is unsuccessful unless she has a husband? Does someone want to explain to me why we keep referring to the "why buy the cow?" adage. I am not a cow. And I will give my milk to whom I want when I want. That's my prerogative. It doesn't make me unsuccessful because I support premarital cohabitation.

Woman Incorporated blames men's inability to commit on many things, including our willingness to sleep with them without a commitment. Seriously? Wasn't feminism supposed to be about allowing women to express their sexuality without having to wear a gold band - to know that success was more about personal achievement than having an "MRS." precede your name?

Am I being unrealistic? I think that I just might go to one of these workshops. I feel like I may need to challenge these ridiculous ideas in public. What do you think?

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LOL---this is a trip! I think she's just advocating using no-sex as a ploy to get him to commit, which is just as bad as using sex to manipulate someone. Guy want sex so with-hold it so he will marry you? Now if that isn't manipulation, I don't know what is!


If you have to withhold sex from a man to "get" him to commit, then who the heck wants him???

I think you should definitely go, Logan! I think there will be about five confused and painfully shy women in the room who need someone bold and powerful like you to show them that a little independence never hurt anybody...and it certainly won't hurt them. Besides, they'd better start giving away their milk to someone, if not, it'll begin to curdle quickly!

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