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Doing Favors For Your Partner

Have you seen that commercial where the guy picks up the toy that's fallen out of a stroller? And then someone sees him and then does something nice for someone else? And so on, and so on. It's a cool commercial, and I keep thinking about it.

'Cause this month, The Boyfriend let me borrow his car.

When my car broke down a few weeks ago, and I decided to take the subway to work and wait till payday to get it fixed, I had one problem. A morning corporate meeting across town that I absolutely had to get to. I looked into renting a car. I considered telling my boss that my car was broken and then either having to inconvenience someone or having to be excused from the meeting - Ug.

When suddenly I realized that I could ask The Boyfriend if I could take him to work in the morning and then use his car. It was one of those, "I have a boyfriend" moments. Like, hey, I remember this! Vaguely. In the midst of a lot of really stressful stuff going on it was an island of goodness.

He said yes, and I got to my meeting on time.

And then on Wednesday night, I did a load of laundry for him. I was going to be home working; he needed it done. Sure, I guess it's a little strange to have your boyfriend drop off his laundry on his way out to have fun while you stay home and work, but if we lived together it would be a no-brainer. Plus, what, I'm going to not do him a favor because OMG, I'm doing his laundry? Well, that just seemed silly.

I tucked a pair of lacy pink underwear in his laundry bag, too, which gave me a giggle.

I love that we do things for each other when we can. In a way, it's the way I live my life in Los Angeles as an aspiring director. One thing that keeps me sane is helping others when I can. That way, even when I don't seem to be getting anywhere myself, I get some feeling of mattering out of helping someone else. It helps A Lot, actually.

Doing things for my partner feels like an intimate extension of that philosophy. I little bit of, hey, you're not alone in this great, big world. Sometimes, there's someone there to help with personal favors, too. The kind that might even be more than you would ask a close friend. And that means so much, doesn't it?


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