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Leaning on Your Relationships

What do we want when we run to our friends, family and lovers with our problems?  Is it a search for solutions, solace, comfort?  I've been having a rough week, but during it all I've had people to call and reach out to, and I am so thankful for that.

I've been thinking that what we most look to our relationships for is confirmation of who we are.  The people closest to us see our good and our bad sides, so they're there to say, "You're a good person.  You're doing the best you can.  I see you."  Our relationships mean that we are not alone and not invisible.  There are people who are on our side.

We don't always have advice for each other.  We don't always know what to say or how to help in tangible ways.  My mom doesn't always get my career troubles, for example, but she always takes my call.  Being in the entertainment industry leaves me with some unique issues sometimes, but knowing I can reach out and just vent to The Boyfriend or my friends... even when they don't fully understand, it's just that they're there.  Listening.

When I was in film school, my boyfriend at the time would sit on the side of the tub while I took a bath, trying to soak the day's stresses away.  I suspect he felt helpless, but sometimes when I'm down I go back there in my mind and remember how it felt that he was there to listen and pour warm water down my back.

A hug can mean so very much.

So this post is just to say, I am so grateful for the relationships in my life.  Thanks, guys.


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Aw, I love that. You are so right about just being there and how great hugs are. Sometimes I crave them.

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