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Spooning Basics

Ever since I realised what Spooning was, I've enjoyed it. There is such comfort, security and sense of attachment found with just that one position. When cuddling, most couples end up with the woman as the little spoon and the man curving around her like the big spoon. Over my Spoon Cuddling history, I've found out that there are different kinds of spooners. Some can be mixes of a couple of the styles, while some guys tend just not to spoon at all. The way a guy spoons you can be indicative of the level of your relationship at that  particular period. Who knew?

  1. The guy that doesn't Spoon you at all, no matter what: Since spooning is a full body contact, this isn't the kind of affection you would get from your garden variety booty call. He's out the door (or pushing you out) as soon as you're done having sex so that he can claim his space back. He's still in the self-absorbed mode and not ready for a relationship. He's your booty call. Booty call only. Don't get it twisted hun!
  2. The guy that Spoons you only because you ask him to: Usually the shy sort, he's the guy that doesn't want to get in your personal space without a direct invitation from you. He's the same guy that waits for you to initiate everything---the first kiss, the first cuddle, the first shag. This could be attribuated to fear of rejection or rejection in the past. He's not comfortable with you yet but he does like you.
  3. The guy that Spoons you only during afterplay...or until he falls asleep: He knows that afterplay involves spooning. He does understand the rudiments of a proper boudoir session and knows that spooning is like the icing on top of the cake. However, he's not intrinsically bonded to you yet. As soon as he falls asleep, his arm lags and he resumes his regular sleep position. His subconscious isn't that aware of you.
  4. The guy that Spoons you until you fall asleep: He's trying this guy, but spooning is not a natural action for him yet. He does like you alot, enough to be uncomfortable for several minutes, wondering how long your elbow is going to be digging into his stomach. He won't voice a complaint though, he'll just wait until you relax and then he can relax as well.
  5. The guy that Spoons you all night long: Well, pretty much we know the answer to this one. He's totally in love with you. He wants to keep you close all through the night, even though hours later his arm is probably cramped and falling off from lack of blood. He's the guy that his arm tightens around you whenever you move around, even though he's snoring up a storm and you know he's dead asleep. He's so into you that he's still aware of you in his subconscious/unconscious state. Yep, he's in love.
  6. The guy that wants you to spoon him: This is the guy that is so comfortable with you that he can ask you to do anything. Although it's not the norm for the girl to be the big spoon, he enjoys the feeling as well (even though he might not admit it). He feels your loyalty and a sense of security that you've got his back.

We know the comfort and reassurance that we ladies get from being the little spoon. Why not reverse the position and share the same affection with your guy once in while? He'll like it, trust me!

Are there any other Spooners that come into your mind that I haven't mentioned here? What are your best/worst spooning stories?

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Awwwww, that's so sweet:)

This is brilliant, Miss Vixen! Spooning is an art and you've definitely captured it here. I've experienced every style on this chart, from the post-coital "rollover" after which I get up and leave (I'm out of my twenties, so my booty call days are done!) to the subconscious mind lapse that I'm still there (not fun either) but I must say that the best spooning session ever isn't a spoon position really, but when a guy who is really into me calls me over from my end of the couch to lay on his chest. He wants me to feel and hear his heart beat and that's the best thing ever.


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