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Come to the Islands...Get Knocked Up!

Want to go on vacation? Oh wait...want to go on vacation to get pregnant? If so, you are not alone. It appears that many couples are going on "Procreation Vacations" in the hopes of getting knocked up. Apparently, our lives are so stressful that we can't seem to do it at home anymore.

According to a marketing strategy reported on, couples are vacationing with a purpose - relaxation and procreation. Resorts ranging from Carribbean getaways to spas and ski destinations are offering couples the perfect place to conceive, including fertility inducing foods, drinks, and the help of on-site fertility doctors and experts.

To tell you the truth, I would think that this is even more stressful - paying a lot of money to try and get pregnant - as if it wasn't stressful enough when you are pumping away with a purpose at home. Listen, I am the first to acknowledge that couples need some R & R, time away in order to reconnect, both emotionally and physically. But I am afraid that procreation-centered vacations may actually psych people out. What about ovulation? What if you go on vacation and don't ovulate? Or what if your cycle is off that month? Or what if your partner is experiencing some sperm motility issue?

No one said these vacations were 100% effective, but doesn't a fertility designed vacation seem like a tacky marketing ploy? Plenty of people go on vacation just to have lots of stress-free sex... do we actually need to label it?

Is it just me? Am I the only one who is repelled by the idea of "Procreation Vacations"?

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To me it just sounds hella wierd. Take a vacation to take a vacation, and if you do get pregnant then good for you. Who wants to be checking their pee constantly and doing that temperature/hormone bit every single day while on vacation? That's not a vacation, it's like a Procreation Cycle with a hefty price tag.

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