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Drugs & Sex

There’s ginseng, a natural stimulant that boosts energy and (allegedly) makes you feel sexy. There’s Ecstasy, a not-so-natural stimulant that promotes affection, if not necessarily sexual activity – I had a guy once describe Ex as making your entire body feel like a giant, swollen clit. Imagine that! Then there are the big guns, Viagra and Cialis, prescription sex enhancements that give rich, old men hope and threaten us with a four-hour erection.

But what about using a drug, whether natural or synthetic, legal or illegal, to enhance sex drive or pleasure?

Some may say that a drug induced sex enhancement, whether from natural, herbal sources or not, is a cheat, and it will eventually take away from your drive, not to mention from your health and the rest of your life. And some may say its no different than using a sex toy, just one more element your can add to your sexual mix, or not.

There’s a connection (at least with me) between being in great physical shape and your body getting off from its natural feel-good drugs, namely the endorphins, and it boosting your sex drive, not to mention your body image and confidence. Is this any different than using an over-the-counter or even a street drug to achieve the same effect, if that’s your thing?

I’m not here to judge. I had an ex-coke head tell me that when he was high on the nose candy, he’d want to bang everything that walked, but he couldn’t necessarily finish the race (if you understand what I mean). This is an obvious drawback. However, he also said that he’d have the confidence to try things or to talk to prettier women while on the powder than he would otherwise. There were pros and cons.

My latest curiosity is about a drug called Enzyte. There’s a recent marketing push for it, but its been around for about five years. It’s a natural male enhancement whose draw is that its a once-a-day pill and that it promises huge erections and stamina, but its all natural (read: no four-hour side effects). Is this our future? Are there that many men out there who can’t get it up or keep it up that improving upon modern, pharmacological science is such a big business? I’m not naïve enough to believe that a large portion of the population isn’t taking these prescriptions recreationally, but all this?

There’s a pretty professional website called Penis Resources (I can’t make this stuff up!) that helps explore all this and sells all matter of topical creams, extenders, patches, pills (the herbal types) and explains in detail just how common frigidity and erectile dysfunction are and that its not a crime.

You make the call.


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FYI, many 'all natural' or 'herbal' sexual enhancement drugs contain some type of stimulant - ginseng, yohimbe, caffeine, combinations of those and more. the big problem here is for anyone who has undiagnosed hypertension or cardiac problems. in layman's terms, these things will up your blood pressure and heart rate and could possibly cause hypertensive crisis, stroke, MI (a heart attack) and related problems.

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