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Playing Games

Andrea wrote a great post on her blog last week about playing games. From childhood, we've enjoyed playing games, especially when we win them. Even though we 'grew out' of it, playing games has still managed to influence most of our daily activities. The daily shifts and actions in our daily lives and routine have become an arena to play games, whether it be at work, at home, in relationships, on the road, in school or wherever we find ourselves.

At home, we play games by exerting infuence over who gets to control the remote, who cooks, cleans up and almost every single chore turns into a game. We calculate and scheme, planning to win this time control of the Television for the remainder of the night (thank goodness for Tivo!)

At work, there are the different power struggles with underlings, your boss and your peers. Throw in office politics, cliques, posses and water cooler gangs and there is just a whole concentric circle swimming with games.

On the road, we speed, block, pass  and cut each other off just to make it to our location 5 minutes earlier. It's a competition of who has the fastest car, shiniest car, best rims and general showboating on the road. It's a competition proving that my errand, my purpose on being on the road is more important than yours, so get out of my way you road-blocker!!!

I could go on and on but the point of this post is this---we all play games, every hour of every day. In every single arena of our lives. However the most important game, is what Andrea calls the A-Game.

A-Game rules:
1. Think before you speak
2. Always speak your mind, but from your heart
3. Take responsibility for all that you say, and all that you do
4. No untruths…
5. No judgment. Accept that we’re all on different paths and everyone’s path is simply different from your own. Not wrong, not awful or destructive and stupid...just DIFFERENT.
6. Mean what you say and say what you mean
7. Be genuine
8. Aim to please, not hurt or destroy

Seems easy right? Ok then, I challenge you to bring YOUR A game. Bring your best. Only your best.

Read her post in it's entirety HERE.

What are other things that you think should be added to the A-Game? Do you play the A-Game?

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It IS hard to practice in everyday life, because everyone else is bringing their Z game it seems these days. If only I could cut them out of my life completely....but I guess they help me realize more and more about myself, and therefore have a purpose. Maybe.

Isn't it great though? I wish it was that easy to practice.

Love that! Thanks for sharing it.

Seems like a pretty good list to me.

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