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Sex With a Virgin

I had a post on my blog a couple of weeks ago in which I asked readers to send me their funniest sex stories. There were a few responses, however a couple of the stories stuck out to me that I just had to share with you all.

Here is an interesting yet hilarious excerpt from one of my favorite bloggers, The Mistress.

"I was still in college and was out on the town drinking with my girlfriends when this sexy man sits down next to me at the bar and struck up a conversation with me. He was so cute, it was ridiculous! We talked for two hours straight that night. To this day, it still stands out as one of the best conversations I've ever had with a guy. We exchanged phone numbers and the next day he called me to chat further. Well, we started talking about our past relationships, and then the subject of sex came up. Well imagine my utter shock when at 22 years old, this guy...this hot guy...revealed to me that he was a virgin. Can you believe that? I was stunned! I even made him verify what his definition of a virgin was (cause it varies with different people) and he said he has never even touched a vagina in his life! Nor had he gotten a hand job, blow jobs of any kind! He claimed to be "saving himself for the right girl". Of course, being the little sexpot I am, I didn't even know what to say to that. I didn't know how to react to this dude at all. I just knew that I wasn't going to be the one taking his friggin' virginity! I can't even imagine sleeping with a virgin. I hate even the thought of it! I mean, I'd have to show him where the hole is, what to do, and then it would be over in 3 strokes! Do you know how much times it takes for a man to learn and acquire sexual stamina?  I have no interest in teaching a grown man how to have sex. He has to be armed with that knowledge before he gets his hands on me. I like men who are experienced and can show me some "sex tricks" ya know? I wouldn't even entertain the thought of sex with a virgin."

Sex with a guy virgin? That is something that I'll have to draw the line on. I would probably turn him down---mainly because I don't want him to get too attached! It was cool when we were younger and all mostly virgins, but now in our 20s/30s, breaking in a male virgin is not my cup of tea.

In this day and age, do you think it's a double standard to expect a guy to come into the boudoir armed with sufficient knowledge? Have you ever had sex with a guy virgin? Was it better than you expected?

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Ok, this article just generally pissed me off. It is ridiculous to think that a man cannot be good in bed simply because he is a virgin. Having lots of sex in your life is by no means the only way to be good at it. There are many men out there who I am sure have had many partners, and lots of sex, but still suck at it. But this stereotype of a guy virgin being a premature ejaculater, and being clueless is absolutely ridiculous.

How good a person is at sex, or how attentive adventurous, open and giving a person is, has a direct correlation to not only their attitude towards sex (which includes sex as an act as well as the partner) but also to their overall knowledge of the "subject matter" The more you know, the better you will be.

I know that I have many friends who have had sex with way more women than myself, but I would guarantee that they are bad in bed. I can say this because I know their attitude, and to some extent, I can get a feel for their knowledge. They are selfish, arrogant, and in it for their own personal gain (their reputation, the story, the supposed glory they get from using another woman). They also have little to no knowledge of the female body, as well as no clue as to what to do to please a woman, besides hard, fast and rough. Which is clearly not always ideal. These friends of mine that I am talking about, have all lost their virginity at somewhere around 16-18 years old, and have had many one night stands, girlfriends, and just partners in general since then, and their attitude has stayed the same. I know that many men have this selfish attitude, and that is why so many woman complain about this type of thing.

But virginity is not a very big factor. However it is simply one more factor among many to contribute to a poor lover. Men who already have a poor attitude towards sex, or no prior knowledge, will be bad lovers. Experience does not necessarily change that fact.

I will tell you that I lost my virginity at 21 years of age, I am considered and have been told that I am "hot", though I still have trouble believing that. I hadn't lost my virginity due to a number of unfortunate circumstances, which just happened to by chance always screw up my opportunities, and a short bout of depression. However, I am normal, athletic, and a big flirt, and I just had not had sex yet. No girlfriends, or experience. I am however a highly sexual person, and my mind is very curious. By the point in my life when I lost my virginity, I knew as much as a person could know about sex and the female body without actually experiencing it. The first person I had sex with, I was with for awhile after, and was always told the sex was amazing, and I was the first person to ever make her orgasm through oral, and she was not inexperienced by any stretch of the imagination. Since then, every woman I have been with, has told me similar things, without solicitation, I should add. I have been told I am very giving, and I am willing to try just about anything. It is a turn on to me to please a woman. I am not now, nor have I ever been anything close to a premature ejaculator, and I actually can control my orgasms enough to have them almost whenever I want during sex.

This is because of my knowledge of how to control myself, andmy body, and my knowledge and attitudes towards sex, and pleasing my partner. I have been told right from the start that I am a good lover.

The only reason a person would be bad right off the start is because they are too young, and inexperienced, and don't know anything about sex. And their views of sex are quite possibly poor. It is possible that you might have had sex with that guy, and never known had he not told you. I will only say that was his mistake. Although I personally don't think I would want to go to bed with you myself, as you clearly are judgemental and have a poor attitude and a closed mind.

Guys are virgins to an older age for many reasons. The top 3 are: choice, circumstance, and lack of social skills. This guy had made a choice, that does not by any means indicate that he is not knowledgeable or have a poor attitude, he has simply chosen to weed out the people like you.

I think I have ranted long enough now.

Thank you, and goodbye

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