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Sharing Your Netflix

Yes, I let The Boyfriend start a queue on my Netflix.  Which is a cool feature.  He has a queue; I have a queue.  Great, right?

Except now, films that I want to see keep coming when I don't have time to see them.  Suddenly, there's extra media in my life.  Coming right to my door, saying, Watch Me!  (Netflix is such dangerous genius.)

And, of course, The Boyfriend wants to turn those disks around.  Gotta watch 'em right away.  Gotta get more, get your money's worth.  How's a girl to stand the temptation?

It's ridiculous.  It's not like these films aren't on my queue, too.  It's not like I can't just order them and watch them when I want.  But it's like when a show's on TV, or a song's on the radio.  When it's coming right at you, well, it's hard to resist.

Or maybe what's really hard to resist is watching movies on the couch with The Boyfriend instead of getting work done.  Now that's temptation.


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Lol--I think you've found the real temptation right there. I'm totally the same way, it's hard to get any work done now since we've moved in together. We actually have to schedule "focused" breaks to keep ourselves organized. If not, we would probably be just living in our apartment, going outside just to forage for

It would be difficult for me to share my queue.

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