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The Art of Receiving

Vixen recently wrote about the pleasures in giving...oral sex, I mean. But while we talk frequently about blowjobs and our willingness (or lack thereof) to give them, we forget about the other side - what it means to receive and what's the deal with people who aren't willing to give to us?

On one of the Elexa MySpace forums, a woman wrote that her boyfriend (of a few months) was unwilling to consider going down on her when she asked him about it. He said that it "wasn't his thing" although he hadn't tried it before. (Suspicious?) I have a funny feeling that there must be something else - you can't possibly say something "isn't your thing" if you haven't tried it before, right? I suggested that she should first explain why she wanted to experience this. (Because it's just another way of being intimate with someone you care about and you want to share those experiences together). She should also try to find out why he is refusing. It isn't about her, obviously - there had to be some underlying experience (and a bad one at that) that is making him squeamish.

What do you think she should do? 

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