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The Happy Homemaker's Guide to Making Dental Dams

I used my first dental dam when I was about seven. I was in the dentist's chair getting my back molars sealed. But today, dental dams have a whole new meaning - and I am not sure if my pediatric dentist would be happy that I was talking about my "first" time.

Like Harry Potter's quest  for the Sorceror's Stone (couldn't think of a better analogy, sorry), the search for the dental dam is a similarly challenging undertaking. The dental dam (as elusive as it may be) is a latex barrier placed over a woman's vulva making oral sex safer. There is no direct contact between mouth and genitals. What makes dental dams elusive is that they are not sold as widely as male condoms. (That being said, even if they were sold in every retailer across the country, many people choose not to use protection for oral sex).

The problem with protected oral sex is human. People often and willingly forego oral protection - their excuses include: "What's the point?", "Who wants to have to ask that?", and so on. While I wholeheartedly believe that people should be protected (especially if they are not tested or don't know their partners (or their own) sexual health status), if you are going to be sexually active, you need to be willing to make informed decisions. All I can do is encourage people to be safer, but seeing as I don't have an opportunity to get into women's bedrooms on a regular basis, we need to start encouraging our friends to demand protection during oral sex or at least be aware of potential risks.

There are some women who use non-microwaveable plastic wrap as an alternative to the latex dental dam. Though it may provide some protection, it was obviously not designed for oral sex. If you are searching for a latex barrier, try the make-your-own version:

Take a male condom (it can even be flavored). Cut the reservoir tip off of it and cut longways down the side. The once penis-covering sheath can be unrolled into a latex square...the perfect dental dam. Now, I do recognize that this affects spontaneity, but it's the price you pay for protection.

I ask all of you - dental dams? Do you use them? Could you ask a partner to?

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Couldn't agree more with Wanda's comments. Cutting up a condom is no solution - they're not the right shape, they're not nearly sheer enough and it simply puts a partner off! However if you produce a SHEER GLYDE dam you and your partner both stay safe and have fun at the same time. The flavours are great too - I especially like the strawberry.

Shame on you Elexa! How could you print an article like this and NOT mention the Sheer Glyde Dam. In fact, with your call to women to help stop the spread of STDs, you are doing woman a mighty disservice in leaving out information about this great product. Cut up a condom! Come on!!!!

You're absolutely right...of course, if you can't find dams at your local drugstore, you may have to improvise.

The Happy Homemakers Guide to making dental dams.
Why would anyone use a thick dental dam - go through the icky process of cutting up a condom - use a food wrap when there is a beautiful, silky thin dam available and a dam that has been cleared by the US FDA??? The Sheer Glyde Dam is a fabulous dam that is soft as silk, so thin you don't loose any of the sensation and even if it isn't an STD issue, maybe it's a hygiene or personal phobia issue, the Sheer Glyde Dam will alleviate all those issues. There is no other Dam that can back up their claims...accept no substitutes.. "we" love it!

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