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You, Your Partner, and Your Television

My ex-fiance couldn't go to sleep without the television on.  (Yes, I do appear to have media on the brain this week.)  But if the television's on, I can't go to sleep. In fact, I'm strongly opposed to televisions ever being in bedrooms. I have to unplug my iBook at night, because the glow from the plug disturbs my sleep.

Sometimes, I think that fact alone might have been enough reason to call it quits. I mean, seriously, there simply wasn't a solution once he started insisting he couldn't sleep without the television on. That night he let me sleep on the couch - yeah, major nail in the relationship coffin.

And when we broke up, I knew that I would never, ever be with someone who had that particular need again. It's something I actually make a point to ask about within the first three dates, and I would jettison absolutely any man no matter how practically perfect if he goes to sleep with the television on. Money, kids, religion - these are big issues, but if you're not getting a good night's sleep, how the heck are you ever going to deal with them?

Here's another television issue: I have discovered that there are actually people that talk to each other during television shows. Yes! Disturbing But True.

The Boyfriend and I are talk during commercials people. As in, stop dead in the middle of a conversation, watch television show, resume conversation on the commercial.

Now, if you really, really know someone well, you sometimes develop the ability to comment quickly at something during the show. This is an advanced viewing maneuver, and should only be implemented when the *quick* comment is about the show currently being watched and absolutely must be said. Kimberly tearing off her wig on Melrose Place, for example. There wasn't a viewer not screaming at that moment.

But what is up with people who attempt to converse during a television show? About something completely outside of said show? People, it may be that DVR (digital video recorder) saves marriages. Because if you are a Silence-Is-Golden person, you're not going to make it with a talker when you can't pause television.

It's been my experience that these two types of people find the other kind completely insane. 'Cause yeah, if you're trying to talk to me while I'm watching a television show, and then acting like I'm weird for ignoring you... yeah, you're insane.

Heck, there's many commercial breaks for this exact sort of thing. Or we should have arranged before the show started for me to tape it. But as The Boyfriend would tell you now - 'cause he's learning - I like to watch shows when they're on if I'm home. Still, I'm reasonable. If we have plans, I can tape.

That said, I am welcoming a new relationship into my life very soon, and considering the affect Netflix had on my world, I'm eager to see what change this new friend brings.

Yes! I'm Getting My First Tivo.

I'm anticipating love at first program.


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I'm one of the talkers. I speed dial my friend/sis of choice watching the same show I am on commercial breaks. I'm really good at recapping all my emotions in 2.5 minutes!

My boyfriend barely watches TV. He feels it's a waste of time. Really, thank goodness for DVR, I just tape all my shows and then watch them when he's not around.

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