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An AuPair for Christmas! The Perfect Gift?

Here’s a true story and yet another reason why the thought of marriage, of lifelong commitment to just one person, terrifies me:

I worked with a woman many years ago that had the awful habit of bringing her personal business to work and unloading it on all the rest of us because she had nobody else to talk to about her issues. I’ll call her M.J.

M.J. was in her late thirties at the time and was pregnant with the second of two sons. She and her husband got married in the early seventies, joined the Peace Corps and did the whole hippie, non-capitalist thing for a while before settling down and getting “regular” jobs. He was a state social worker and she was a high school English teacher. She quit teaching while she was still relatively young, and took the corporate job we knew her from that tripled her income now making her three times as wealthy as her husband. According to her daily reports, this, plus the fact that she never took his surname sent him into quite a state on top of his early midlife crisis. But M.J. was pregnant again and looking for advice on what she should do because once the new baby came, she’d be exhausted with nursing plus all the responsibilities of coming back to work. We already knew from her daily rants that her husband never helped with the first baby, never changed a diaper, and never got up for a feeding. And in addition to this, he “made her” have sex with him, every single night, whether she felt like it or not, because, as she put it, “He’s Italian and Italian men are very needy in that way.”

Yes, you read that right.

Now here’s the interesting part. M.J. seriously considered, out loud, hiring an overseas au pair to move into her home and help her care for her new son AND her demanding husband. In other words, her gift to him and to her newborn baby would be a Swedish nanny that would take up the slack around the house and, eventually, in the bedroom. This life, that was her choice, became just work for her, and her newfound corporate status could afford her this sick and ridiculous solution.

Her actual solution? I heard later that she did eventually leave the Italian stallion, but got remarried to someone else that same year. Some women never learn.


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Yeah...that's a really sucky story.

Ug, how sad! :(

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