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Favorite Sex & Relationships Blogs

I thought I'd start the week this week with a short list of a few of my favorite sex & relationships blogs.  I'm going to make it a short list with a few favorites, because I find that a long list just begs to be ignored, while a short list says, Hey!  Look!  Cool blogs!  On a short list!  So without further ado...

A Woman Without A Man is Like a Fish Without a Bicycle is a fun blog by Audi in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Here's a taste:

My current irritation has to do with when you are sort of seeing someone except nothing is really happening and you decide to end it. Out of kindness, instead of just doing a dissapearing act like the spinless cowards always do themselves, you tell them you are not interested. You even sugarcoat it to cushion the blow. Not that it’s a big blow when I decide that I’m not interested but rejection seems to hurt their ego no matter where it comes from. Believe me, I have a lot of experience in this. I have discovered I’m one picky broad and have therefore rejected a wide range of men of all ethnic backgrounds. Almost as many as have rejected me. It’s my thing. They all react the same, they all go for the denial.

Next, LOVE Smart at Love by Annie Dennison.  Her tagline is, "For the Woman who wonders, if I'm so smart... how can I be so dumb at love?"  She hits all the topics with her thoughtful posts.

I Found a Fatal Flaw in the Logic of Love ...But I Still Found Love is another good one.  She's getting married in 292 days, and she has stories to share!

And for the sexier side, I'll list The Over-Educated Nympho.  I love her combination of racy posts and day-to-day stuff.  I can never keep my personal blog focused at all, so it's nice to see someone else hitting multiple bases on a regular basis.  Here's a taste:

Christmas really sucks when you’re single. You don’t notice it when you’re part of a couple, and why would you? It’s not like Valentine’s Day, which might as well be called “National Singles’ Awareness Day,” because it doesn’t rub happy coupledom in your face like a huge bouquet of flowers on every female co-worker’s desk does.

If you’re single you find yourself wondering why you aren’t feeling all in the Christmas spirit like your friends–your friends in functioning relationships–and why you keep ramming your cart with Easy Mac and three bottles of wine into random people’s carts filled high with presents, decorations, and jolly good cheer in the aisles of Target.

‘Tis a pickle.

Now this isn't meant to be my highly-researched, end-all be-all top four sex & relationship blogs.  I don't have the time or the commitment to read enough to ever make that statement.  The blogosphere is a BIG place!  But these are some of my favorites, and I hope you check them out and enjoy.


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Hmmmm 2 out of 3, not bad. I have to check out the Iceland blog, sounds like something I would enjoy...

Thanks for the link! 290 days :)

Aww, thanks for the shout-out! I am honored to be one of your favorite blogs. I wish you oodles of orgasms this fine Festivus season.

xoxo (the "o"s stand for orgasms, of course)

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