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The Incredible, Dangerous, Big Money Sex Rush!

Ever buy a very expensive pair of stiletto sandals? Remember the rush you got as you gently picked them up, smelled the leather, held them out in front of you, gently smiled as you imagined the outfits you’d wear them with, then flipped one shoe over to reveal the price tag positioned perfectly on the ball of the sole, realizing you could actually afford them without forfeiting this month’s mortgage and promptly whipped out the Visa card? If all your answers were yes, you’re also recalling the near orgasm it brought you.

I know this is a cheat, for many women enjoy shoes for the sake of shoes, whether they’re the Payless variety or the Manolo Blahnik variety, but you must admit that having a penchant for something hugely expensive and being able to occasionally treat yourself to it does provide a perverse thrill. Its not the same as being the “Belle of the Ball” like a blogged about last month, which is more about the whole of the experience; a sexy event. This is about particular and specific status items, that for whatever reason, turn us on so much that they invoke very real, very sexual feelings.


But, there is a very real danger here. Have some plastic surgery. Buy the LaPerla lingerie. Buy the fancy strand of pearls. Get your blinged out Mercedes. Order the Tod’s bag for your toy dog. And after you have all those things, what will turn you on after that?

“Spend-a-holics” Anonymous, HERE YOU COME!

I'm back in the single again.

I wish this was a post about quitting.  I wish this was a post about giving up on love.

I even had it planned.  I'd even thought, If this one doesn't work out, I'm done.

You know that loss of freedom you feel when you find yourself back in a relationship? It's like a sudden change of altitude. I've asked myself, can I afford this? I want to be a film and/or television director. It's a really long road, and one that many people find difficult to live on.

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Home Shopping for 'Female Stuff'

Ever had a moment when you had to go to the drugstore to get a pregnancy test or yeast infection meds and just cringed knowing that you would have to go through a checkout counter with your purchases? So you hastily grab a few other things that you don't even remotely need to try to hide your real purchases. And on top of that imagine running into one of your neighbours or friends while waiting in line...yikes! Well, the good people at PinkApple have taken all the embarrassment away from you. You can now order all your feminine products; from condoms, ovulation kits, pregnancy kits, supplements, massage oils, books and the like all online. You don't have to have any of those uber embarrassing moments ever again.

The packages are usually shipped the same business day of ordered, and come to your place in a discrete package marked PCPD, LLC with no outside marking even signifying what they are. That way you can ship it to work;) In addition, there is online tracking and lovely discounts given for return customers.

Check out their really cool website HERE.

Diaper Duty - Real Men Do It

I was getting a pedicure this weekend (yes, I do indulge) and while reading the stack of trashy tabloids, I came across a quote that I hope to god isn't true. When asked about the new baby he has on the way, Donald Trump, Jr. allegedly responded, "Trumps don't do diapers."

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Just Kiss Me.

There's not really anything else that compares to perfect kissing, is there?  I'm not going to try to describe, because I'm pretty certain that what makes a perfect kiss for me isn't necessarily what makes a perfect kiss for you.

People like to talk about good kissers and bad kissers, but usually, barring bizarre shark or Great Dane action, I usually chalk kissing up to compatibilities.  So I'm not going to describe the perfect kiss.

Instead, I'm going to list my favorite kisses by location.

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The Snow In/Love In

The forecast called for snow today. It was supposed to begin snowing yesterday evening and continue into today with some accumulation and the promise of a hellish morning commute.

I work at home so I don’t ever need to worry about the commute unless I have a meeting, which would usually be scheduled for late morning or early afternoon anyway. The real reason I always check the snow forecasts is because I’m anxious to check something off my varied and interesting sexual to do list: the snow/love in.

I’m always envious of those women who brag about spending entire weekends in bed with their boyfriends doing nothing but eating, reading (and writing) erotic fiction and, of course, sexing each other into oblivion. I’ve never done this. And I’m waiting patiently. I mean, I’d been snowed in with someone before. It was a couple years ago and he was absolutely gorgeous. But by the time I was settled in a comfortable groove and we were assuredly snowed completely in, he was already thoroughly ordinary to me. Well, it didn’t help that he was several years younger than I and spent almost the entire time trying to impress me instead of relaxing and just being natural. I remember him drowning himself in cologne one night because he thought it’d turn me on. He said this trick worked like a charm when his dad used it on his mom. But after I began sneezing and ordered him to go shower before I got a headache, I deemed the evening a no-go and turned over to go to sleep. Besides a few lingering kisses and a couple unfulfilling mutual masturbation sessions that weekend, I had no interest.

I think it may be the calmness of a snowstorm, of how it seems warm and still, that makes me feel sexy and amorous. Perhaps its the excitement of knowing that, at least for a day or so, I can turn off the computer, put the work away and not answer the phone, because I have this unexpected, yet much welcomed break to do precisely as I please. And when those moments arise, I’m usually looking to either spend money or do something decidedly sexual.

Alas, there wasn’t that much snow. Not enough for a legitimate snow/love in. And even if there were, my boyfriend was in Philly until late last night directing a last minute video shoot, meaning I’d need to wait for another time.

Oh well. I’ll wait for the next storm.

Give Up Masturbation? Are You Serious?

I’ve been covering my Elexa Sexy Smart beat faithfully and looking up sex toys and making my friends and acquaintances spill their dirt and nastiness for you guys and I am overlooking one of the greatest sex stimulators I’ve come across in my life and its one that will (barring any run-ins with the mafia) be with me until the very day that I die: my right hand!

Oh my goodness!

I mean, I’ve certainly mentioned masturbation in this blog, but its usually part of introducing a vibrator, describing an erotic fantasy or some manifesto on movies, music or tingling lube.

But what about rubbing yourself silly just for its own sake? No frills. No fantasies. Just for the sheer “get off” factor alone. I’ve lost whole afternoons masturbating. I’ll only allow my fingernails to get so long. Being in love (or lust) helps, but sometimes its purely a physical thing. Its like getting high.

I’m a chronic insomniac. Sometimes, I’ll be tired as hell, but I will not be able to get to sleep for the life of me. I’ll be tired, physically tired, but my mind will still be going like gangbusters. For whatever reason, one that I choose not to analyze, this is a sexual trigger for me. It doesn’t make me feel sexy, you see, but I must whack off in situations like that or I cannot shut down for the night. Sometimes I even need to come over and over and over before I’m spent. I know, weird, right?

So, I’ve been thinking: what would take masturbation’s place as my sleep method if I had to give it up? Girly herbal tea and Enya? Would I be hooked on sleeping pills? No way. I like my method. Because sincerely, who in the world, Dumb Josh Hartnett movies aside, would try to give up masturbation?

I’ve tried to see how many days I could go without it, you know, just as an experiment to see if my orgasms would be more intense after waiting a while (results proved inconclusive), or if it would make sex better with a new guy I was seeing (who cares?).

Tell me. What would you give up masturbation for?

A Woman's Mantra

One of my favorite bloggettes, the Mistress wrote an excellent post today about how a woman should empower herself first before she seeks out a relationship. She noted how us ladies tend to bend over backwards and turn ourselves into pretzels for the sake of a relationship....and a crappy one at that. Instead of finding a great guy that will treat us properly, we waste our time, money, tears, heart and emotions hanging to bad guys, philanderers, cheats, abusers and pretty much every single Mr. Wrong we can find.

Even Oprah recently confessed that she was in a wonky relationship for 4 years, begging and grovelling for some respect from a guy who didn't appreciate her, treated her like crap and constantly rejected her. OPRAH!

The Mistress went on to post a list of what should be every woman's mantra in regards to men, love and relationships. It's something that we all instinctively know, yet disregard anyway. So let's take accountability for our own actions in regards to our happiness. Stop putting up with less than you deserve...aim high and let's work on ourselves and our own character before we get into relationships.

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The Politics of Sleeping Over

I've heard that people used to rush into marriage so that they could have sex. Well, if we rush in today, I think it's because we're sick of figuring out who's sleeping where, which nights.

Ah, sleeping over.  The bag-packing.  The forgetting-stuff.  The Not Being At Home.

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Blog for Choice Day

Today is Blog for Choice Day and I am writing because CHOICE represents more than reproductive freedom. CHOICE represents comprehensive sexuality education, civil rights, and whether or not I can get a Brazilian bikini wax. It is all part and parcel of being in control of your body and getting access to accurate, healthy information.

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7 Relationship Sins

In December's Cosmopolitan there's a really great article called, "What Smart Girlfriend's Never Do," by Gini Sikes. She interviewed Dr. Ablow, a psychiatrist who believes that familiarity nearly always breeds contempt or a loss of excitement by partners who assume that intimacy must mean letting it all hang out. According to them, there are 7 relationship no-nos.

  1. Giving gifts his mom would buy. You know how much you hate getting practical gifts from him? Like a blender or ice scraper? He utterly detests it as well, but won't tell you. His ultimate fear is that you'll morph from his lover to his mother. *shudder*
  2. Getting too comfortable in the bathroom together. Showers are cool, getting dressed in the morning is fine...but anything involving a toilet/sink should be done in privacy with the door closed. Although I do so love watching him shave.
  3. Drifting into a sex rut. You know I'm always harping on this one. Do everything you can to avoid slipping into a rut. Men love sex. Women do too! So stop letting life and busy schedules crowd sex out. It's very important to the vitality of your relationship.
  4. Baring all, all the time. As in parading around naked all the time. Sure it's sexy to see your babe doing chores naked, but after a while it does get old. It might "anesthetize your man to how provocative your nude form is." According to Dr. Ablow, nudity should only be connected to sex and not housework/reading in bed. Okay, I wouldn't push it that far, but I do understand his point.
  5. Flaunting your flaws. Don't focus his attention on your imperfections. Self-confidence is sexy. Don't spend all day whining about how fat you are and how much you need to lose weight. Get up and actually do it.
  6. Dressing down. Okay, I'm guilty of this one. I love my comfy pants and wife-beater as my in home attire. But since reading this I've been making more of an effort to get dressed even when at home. I must say, it's really amped up his appreciative looks and total distraction whenever I sashay in front of him.
  7. Spending every night together. Oh no, there is no way I could not do this. I love sleeping with his arms around me. It takes me forever to fall asleep when he's not there. However, Dr. Ablow believes that personal space is great in keeping the passion alive and that 'too much togetherness is a surefire way to cool the romance.'

Are there any other No-nos that you  have discovered in your relationships? What do you think of this list?

Things to Love about Being Single

Well, I'm single again.  Never a good time, break-ups.  Lots of tears and red wine - at least, that's how I do it.

But on the more constructive side, I thought it would be a good time to review some things I truly love about being single.

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What’s Your “Number”?

Why do women lie about the number of men they’ve had sex with?

I know there’s still a social stigma around even the idea of a woman being in complete control of her sexuality and not giving a damn about what other people think. And I know that what gives men a studly image makes women into pariahs. But now, in the new year 2007, can’t we move past that archaic crap and into a phase where we celebrate women’s sexual prowess, something that can only be attained through confidence and experience?

I read recently that the thing women lie about the most is not their age nor their dress size, but the number of men they’ve bedded. What is that? Do women believe that their vaginas are these delicate vessels that cannot be used unless in case of an extreme emergency? Give me a break. A real man would never judge a woman by these antiquated standards and would even consider it a privilege to experience a woman who so obviously knows what she wants and how to get it.

So, here’s my proposition. Call it a New Year’s Resolution if you want. But I’d like to see the tables turn so much so that the mere mention of a woman’s number makes a man want to devour her, not run for the hills. And I’d like to see women excited to add to their sexual roster instead of feeling like dirty, diseased whores when they add another tick mark to their bed posts. We could even throw our “number” out there, like a sexual lure, a worm on the end of our hook, to give men a teaser about what’s in store and that we wouldn’t just lie there like a dead fish.

C’mon ladies, sow your oats. Tell me your wild stories. I’ll post them right here on this blog.

Oh, my number? 26.

Now Introducing…The Vagina!

Remember 5th grade? Well, that was the year that we girls were separated from the boys in our school and corralled together and told that we, for the rest of our lives, would be different and special and weaker and that there were things we’d need to learn to cope with all this.

We were handed little workbooks on our anatomy that showed pictures and diagrams of our little feminine parts and introduced us to sex ed. in the most basic and elemental way our elementary school would allow at the time.

This really tickled me.

It tickled me so much so that I even shared it with my best friend and the person who sat right next to me in class. I wanted to show him the ridiculous “lesson” we girls had just endured while he was out playing football like I wanted to be doing. His name was Bobby Smith and he and his sister Wendy went all the way through grade school with me. Whenever I think about him, even to this day, I think about the startled and horrified look on his face when I handed him my vagina book, a look that, I’m sure, expressed his shock at seeing something that even grown men are grossed out by AND his acknowledgement that, although we were best friends and did everything together, I was a girl and he was a boy. And that difference permanently changed our relationship.

I kept my girly workbook, however, and studied it and tried to incorporate what I could into my tomboyish repertoire. Now I want to share with you, my loyal blog readers, the updated version of this girly workbook. Its from the latest issue Women’s Health magazine and is called The Ultimate Guide to Your…Vagina (Gasp). It’s the grown-up’s version, and Nicole Beland does a fabulous job at giving a comprehensive look into (and around) our vaginas. And in case you were wondering, it comes complete with pretty pictures HERE.

Show it to your best male friend. I need to find Bob’s address so I can send it to him too.


Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and a happy purchase. ~John Balguy

If your life was exactly the way you planned it to be, would you be any happier than you are in this exact moment? If you had everything that you ever wanted, and had the power to take away anything that you didn't want about your life, your family, your health and your history, would you change a thing?

If you knew five years ago that you would be where you are right now would you have done anything differently?

Are you really content? Deeply satisfied? Are you really happy?

Or is it all just an illusion, a myriad created by your mind to maintain a sense of contentment in a world gone mad?

Don't worry---you don't have to answer, these are all rhetorical. Just something to think about.

Sex and Violence? Isn't one Worse than the Other?

I have a confession to make. I don't think that I can watch 24 anymore. It's not that I don't find it entertaining, it's just that it makes me realize how sickly hypocritical our world has become. Graphic violence is okay; sexuality (of any kind - romantic or otherwise) is frowned upon.

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You Watch my Movie, and I'll Watch Yours.

People like different kinds of movies. This I get. On any given weekend, there are a variety of film choices. And your first choice likely isn't going to be someone else's choice. And maybe not your partner's choice, either.

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Men Pay For Dates

Today, I thought I'd share an incendiary little post I wrote back in 2005.  It sparked a lot of discussion, and I posted a follow-up a few days later.  Enjoy.


Men pay for dates.

I pay to get my eyebrows waxed twice a month.  I pay for manicures and pedicures and facials.  I pay for hair color and cuts.  I pay for makeup.  I pay to shave more of my body.  I pay for tampons.

Men pay for dates.

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Hi Tech - Lo Sex

I have a friend who sleeps with his Blackberry Crackberry on his nightstand so that he can communicate all night long. Needless to say, his girlfriend is not thrilled by this behavior...because they no longer have sex and because he's becoming a big tech geek (not that that's always a bad thing).

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Sex For Help: How Many Blowjobs Do I Owe You?

My toilet broke a while back. Well, the rubber flapper inside the tank stopped “flapping” and I needed to ask my boyfriend to help me fix it because I couldn’t hold the flashlight and unscrew the damned thing at the same time. I know, real sexy, right?

So anyway, he comes to the rescue and I spend three or so hours stressed and cursing while he very patiently helps me pick out new parts at Home Depot and also helps me install everything, even going as far as convincing me to change the flapper on my other toilet too because as he put it, “If one’s broken its just a matter of time before the other breaks too.” He’s really very sweet.

But at least 57 times during this ordeal, I mentioned to him that I owed him a blowjob for helping me. That’s 57 blowjobs! Not that I can’t perform 57 blowjobs, its that I say this a lot when a man helps me with something that I can’t do alone, because contrary to what I’d like people to think about me, I am not superwoman. My boyfriend and I laugh about it and even have rated some things according a sliding blowjob scale.

He had a great new stereo installed in my car for my birthday. That was worth 10 blowjobs.

He helped me sell that car after my accident in November. That was worth 25 blowjobs.

The car I bought to replace it needed a new shift boot and still needs the automatic mechanism for the convertible top fixed. I’m willing to get the kneepads out for that too!

It started as a cute and funny joke, but has now escalated to something close to the edge of disturbing. I’m addicted to it. Can a man not help me without my offering him sexual favors? I just love to see his face light up, like he’s thanking me for asking him for help. Is it some testament to my feeling like I don’t deserve help from someone? I need to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible since I haven’t actually had to make due on any of these offers yet.

The last thing I want is to fall further in arrears.

The Truth About Men, Love & Sex

I'm reading this book, The Truth About Men, Love & Sex right now by David Zinczenko, the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine. The book analyses a survey done on 5,000 people on what their views are on men, love, relationships and sex.

In addition, the questions focused on are from a woman's perspective because they also interviewed women as well to ask them the same questions from the other point of view. This book is for both genders and successfully crosses the great divide. The answers are quite candid, totally eye-opening and for me this book has successfully shattered all those dumb myths about men.

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Nudist Resorts

I’ve had a very stressful few months. I had the car accident the day after Thanksgiving. I’d just got another car and resolved all my issues with insurance and selling my wrecked car when the holidays rained down. Both these events happened in the midst of a real work upswing. Needless to say, I need to get away and relax.

I started searching for the perfect girly spa retreat. I want to lie around and do yoga, eating nothing but fruit and drinking nothing but sparkling water, in between sessions with a raindrop therapy masseuse. I want two or three days away from civilization, my civilization, to clear my head and get my groove back. But naturally, since I’m a warm weather person, this led to fantasies of lying on a beach letting the warm sun and balmy air nurse me back to perfect psychological and emotional health.

And during my search for nice, warm, girly resorts to bring me out of my winter funk, I came across a site promoting a nude resort.

As a teenager, my friends and I heard about a nude beach here in New Jersey, which I thought was silly since Jersey is still a part of the United States and there would be no state in the union that would allow such a place, right? We palmed it off as a myth and rolled our eyes whenever anyone brought the subject up. But indeed, there is a nude beach in Jersey called Gunnison’s Beach at Sandy Hook and there are listings for it all over the internet. Just type “beach resort.”

Then, I got distracted by all the sites and postings about nudism. There are nudist clubs all over the world. The internet boasts hundreds of forums and chat rooms devoted to “the lifestyle.” Who knew there was still this large a following for something that I believed was pretty rare since the days of free love and the “age of aquarius.” Problem is, nobody wants to post a mission statement or mantra for what this “lifestyle,” consists of. One website,, can’t even give a consensus of what the term nudism means. They offer a quasi disclaimer instead stating “that no person or organization speaks for nudism” and “there can't be any ‘official’ answer.”

But it got me thinking. If there’s no longer a thrill in taking clothes off, and you walk around nude the same as you do when you’re dressed, then doesn’t the phrase “undressing him with your eyes” lose all meaning? And what fun is that?

I still plan on finding a spa.

"Lost" Nights in Paris?

While browsing the blogs, news, and gossip sites, I came across something so very ridiculous that I had to write to about it. Paris Hilton appararently doesn't like sex. WTF?

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Relationship Resolutions

I love making New Year's Resolutions, so I thought I'd follow Vixen's resolutions post and blog about dating and relationship resolutions.

Last year, I resolved to give up Internet dating for an entire year, come what may. I met a guy the good, old-fashioned way on New Year's Eve, dated him for a few months. Ended that and met The Boyfriend a couple months later at a games night.

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New Year's Sex Resolution

Okay, I'll be the cliche blogger that actually posts about resolutions. Every woman when thinking of your New Year's resolutions should incorporate her desires in the realm of romance and sex into her New Year's resolutions.  You don't want to just grow in some areas of your want to grow in all of them, right? And the boudoir should be one.

The New Year is an opportunity to close a previous chapter and spark a fresh angle to the next chapter of life, and it is important to be open and explore the new romantic possibilities and actually discuss them with your lover.  I'm sure he would love to add new passionate ways to have sex to your repertoire, as well as new places and props, but this would be a great time to also bring up a discussion about consistent safe sex. Once a lady gets into a relationship, she gets on birth control and thinks that it's okay to no longer practice safe sex. But the prevalence and spread of STDs via women is still at a rapidly growing rate, and only we can be champions of our own sexual health.

This discussion as a part of a New Year's Resolution can revitalize and further intensify our sex life and also reinforce our trust and communication.  Remember, it is not only okay but essential to communicate about these things and the New Year presents us with a golden opportunity.  Take advantage of it!      

Blogging Your Boyfriend - How Much is Too Much?

My boyfriend likes my blogging.  When we first started dating and he was into the whole blogging thing, I was glad of it.  After all, I've watched a lot of Sex and the City, and while they've certainly covered Carrie's column, they never (that I've seen so far) address how Carrie's columns affect her dating life.

Yet, it's no secret that being written about - the private becoming public - isn't everyone's cup of tea.

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How do threesomes happen?

I hear stories, both exciting and nerve wracking, from people who’ve decided to share the person they’ve made a commitment to with a total stranger or mere acquaintance for only a few minutes of fun.

I also hear stories about threesomes that “just happen,” when three people are drunk or overly stimulated or on vacation or temporarily insane.

I once received a message from a woman while I was listed on that asked if I’d like to be the third party in her “first bi experience.” I got the sneaky suspicion her husband was the svengali of the whole deal and if I were interested, which I was not, I’d surely have been completely turned off when she sent a photo of the two of them without cropping out their five-year-old daughter. Big mistake.

I believe that most people who seek a three-way are emotionally immature commitment-phobes who get off on the control they may be able to wield over their partners who have yet to wake up. I think women in these situations, more often than not, are afraid of losing their husbands or boyfriends to infidelity and will humiliate themselves in any way possible to keep that from coming to pass.

However, whether the act is planned or spontaneous, this is a subject that’s become quite the phenomenon during the last several years. So I did what any blogger would do when researching this post: I googled “threesome.”


There are threesome personals at, some good threesome advice at The, and of course, no shortage of threesome porn.

But my favorite article was written by a crazy, yet highly intelligent man, Don Pitts, who understands, like I do, that threesomes and most other sex swapping situations make great fantasies, but the fantasy is always better than the reality and if you want to prove that axiom wrong, you’ll regret it. Read his story HERE, and beware!

Condoms on Campus - Nonexistent?

I haven't blogged in a while...vacation seems to fry my brain. What is supposed to recharge my batteries actually makes me a bit groggy. But have no fear, I'm back, ready to tackle all that our society has to throw at us (or all that we create for that matter). Today's issue - a recent blog in the Huffington Post.

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Sex Toy of the Month: The Sugar Spoon!

Okay everyone. Attention please. I need you to try and hold your oohs and ahhs until the very end of this post. This is serious business. I’m going to now introduce the most complex and ridiculous of all the vibrators I’ve seen to date: The Sugar Spoon.

This contraption is not for the faint of heart or for beginners. This is the toy tailor-made for no-nonsense businesswomen. For cynics. For efficiency freaks. For multi-taskers. Its the smartphone of vibrators. What I mean is, if you don’t go anywhere without your TREO because you need to be able to send e-mail, take calls and photos, play MP3s plus open Word documents, then your vibrator may as well do just as much for you.

Picture this: the Sugar Spoon has duel rotation capability, meaning that the outer labia stimulator is set to a different track than the spoon, which gets inserted, therefore, you could set the outer affect to a fast pace while the inner affect goes very slowly. I’m talking about more than 300 different speed and rotation combinations! Its got a spiral shaft with a tip that is actually shaped like a spoon, so when its turned on, it moves not just in a swirl, but it scoops too. Party at your G-spot! There is also the obligatory clitoris stimulator, which to my relief, isn’t shaped anything like a dolphin or elephant or rabbit. And of course its waterproof, making bath time lots of fun.

No word yet on whether it can also do your taxes.

Too Much Tickling

The Boyfriend likes his back tickled.  Some people break out the cigarettes; he flops on his stomach and says,"Time for tickling!"  It's cute. Sometimes.

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The Evolution of Sex

In an ideal relationship, all elements of connection and chemistry co-exist. However, even if you have a hot and steamy sex life in the beginning of the relationship, somewhere along the line, due to reaching a plateau or comfort levels, the sex peters down from the dizzying ecstasy that it once was.

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