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Blog for Choice Day

Today is Blog for Choice Day and I am writing because CHOICE represents more than reproductive freedom. CHOICE represents comprehensive sexuality education, civil rights, and whether or not I can get a Brazilian bikini wax. It is all part and parcel of being in control of your body and getting access to accurate, healthy information.

The purpose of Blog for Choice is to galvanize our community - because there are always people who are willing to challenge. Yesterday, while pouring over my New York Times I came across a disturbing cover story on my magazine section. It was entitled, 'Is There a Post-Abortion Syndrome', and it described a new movement in the world of anti-abortionists.

I waited to read it until I was calmy in my bathtub, a place where I thought that I would be able to read with an open mind. Apparently, I don't have an open mind when it comes to these issues. I find it perfectly acceptable for someone to be against abortions, but I don't think that it should have any bearing on whether or not I can have one (again, if I so choose).

Author Emily Brazelton tells the story of Rhonda Arias, a crusader in this movement which (contrary to existing evidence) suggests that having an abortion emotionally/psychologically harms women who have them. She even believes that her depression and drug use, stem from the multiple abortions she had.

Okay, so it's funny that she doesn't link her depression to the fact that she was sexually abused as a little girl, raped, and subsequently gave birth (and gave her baby up for adoption). I would think that these things alone may contribute slightly to her emotional issues.

Now I don't ever want to judge what is worse - having an abortion your regret - or regretting that you brought a child into this world that you couldn't love and support...hopefully none of us will ever have to.

That being said, if we don't support an individual's decision to make independent choices for themselves - this unnecessary judgment will continue.

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Thank you for blogging about this; it's so important.

You know the strange thing about this "syndrome," is the assumption that if you have any regrets or difficulties then there's some "syndrome." Life is hard. We have regrets, we have difficulties, we get sad, we struggle. That doesn't mean we're making the wrong decisions, that means we're LIVING. And, of course, plenty of women have abortions and are just fine with it.

I find it kind of insulting that there's supposed to be some inherent "syndrome" reaction to having an abortion. It's really assumptive about the women making the decision, like they are unintelligent and ignorant or something. Like, if only they knew better, they wouldn't make the choice to have an abortion. Please.

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