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Blogging Your Boyfriend - How Much is Too Much?

My boyfriend likes my blogging.  When we first started dating and he was into the whole blogging thing, I was glad of it.  After all, I've watched a lot of Sex and the City, and while they've certainly covered Carrie's column, they never (that I've seen so far) address how Carrie's columns affect her dating life.

Yet, it's no secret that being written about - the private becoming public - isn't everyone's cup of tea.

'Cause here's the thing.  Relationships aren't always perfect.  Things happen, disagreements come up.  And when you have to create multiple relationship-related blog posts every week, it's hard to ignore a relationship issue that's nagging your thoughts.

Harder still to write in a personal, yet not massively specific way.  Well, heck, that sentence doesn't even make sense.

So when I was bothered that my boyfriend wouldn't go see films I wanted to see, I wrote a post about it.  A post that he was none too happy about.  After seven months, I guess I was due for a screw up.

Then, he wanted to comment on the post.  Far be it from me to keep any reader from expressing an opinion, but I was concerned about having a fight - should I say a discussion? - on my blog.  Blogging already gives an odd weight to your writing, particularly to people who aren't immersed in the blogosphere every day.  I didn't want people to visit my blog the way some people look at a car accident.  I didn't want our friends to cover their eyes, screaming TMI!  TMI!  (too much information)

Though, one could argue that if you're reading my blog, you're already OK with a significant degree of Things Formerly Thought Of As TMI.

So he commented, I replied, and I think the blog's OK.  I don't think it was a complete disaster.  More like a discussion.

And that's what the blogsphere's all about, after all.


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I've recently involved my guy in blogging as well. It's kind of hard to be open about your thoughts, your formerly private place where only strangers 'knew' how you really felt about an issue. It's hard to actually know where to draw the line at times when you want to just rant/vent everything out.

I guess that's why people have multiple blogs. At least that's why I do.

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