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Hi Tech - Lo Sex

I have a friend who sleeps with his Blackberry Crackberry on his nightstand so that he can communicate all night long. Needless to say, his girlfriend is not thrilled by this behavior...because they no longer have sex and because he's becoming a big tech geek (not that that's always a bad thing).

I wasn't surprised when I came across the following post in The Wall St. Folly and Forbes. We know that high stress equals less sex, but would you have ever thought that Blackberries were contributing to a large number of sexless nights? Yes high tech...low intimacy...the stuff that our nightmares are made of.

I once told my friend that his bedroom act of PDA/IMing was equal to masturbating in front of his girlfriend while she waited for him to touch her. He was not happy with this - but it's not far from the truth. When someone is Blackberry-ing (for work or pleasure) their minds and their bodies are engaged. It's one thing to tell your partner that you're "too tired", but that isn't a good excuse when your texting all night.

Technology isn't a bad thing - it gives us access to information (and pornography), keeps us connected to people we don't see on a regular basis, and makes our world seem a bit smaller. But it can definitely take away from intimacy. At some point, people need physical touch - they need to connect in person and not just screen-to-screen. So how much technology is too much?

In case you were wondering, I keep my Blackberry charging in my bathroom...just to be on the safe side.

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