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Home Shopping for 'Female Stuff'

Ever had a moment when you had to go to the drugstore to get a pregnancy test or yeast infection meds and just cringed knowing that you would have to go through a checkout counter with your purchases? So you hastily grab a few other things that you don't even remotely need to try to hide your real purchases. And on top of that imagine running into one of your neighbours or friends while waiting in line...yikes! Well, the good people at PinkApple have taken all the embarrassment away from you. You can now order all your feminine products; from condoms, ovulation kits, pregnancy kits, supplements, massage oils, books and the like all online. You don't have to have any of those uber embarrassing moments ever again.

The packages are usually shipped the same business day of ordered, and come to your place in a discrete package marked PCPD, LLC with no outside marking even signifying what they are. That way you can ship it to work;) In addition, there is online tracking and lovely discounts given for return customers.

Check out their really cool website HERE.


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