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Just Kiss Me.

There's not really anything else that compares to perfect kissing, is there?  I'm not going to try to describe, because I'm pretty certain that what makes a perfect kiss for me isn't necessarily what makes a perfect kiss for you.

People like to talk about good kissers and bad kissers, but usually, barring bizarre shark or Great Dane action, I usually chalk kissing up to compatibilities.  So I'm not going to describe the perfect kiss.

Instead, I'm going to list my favorite kisses by location.

1.  The Kitchen Kiss.  Blame it on cinema.  "We need them to have this moment, but I want to shoot it somewhere different.  I know!  The Kitchen!"  What is it about a kitchen counter that says, Come up behind me and turn me around?  Who cares; it's hot.

2. The Car Kiss.  Goodbye, hello... it doesn't really matter.  Cars were made for kissing.

3.  The Morning Kiss.  This involves waking up with someone naked next to you in bed.  Who cares about eye schmutz and questionable breath?  All kisses are better naked.

4.  The Kilt Kiss.  When easy access meets a man with balls.

5.  The Outside the Car Kiss.  Throw me against the car and don't let me go.

6.  The Bar Kiss.  O.K., I've sworn off the bar kiss (as in major makeout in a bar) for the most part, but it's undeniably hot.

7.  The Neck Kiss.  Let's face it, necks were made for kissing.  Bonus points in the kitchen.

8.  The Quick Kiss.  It's a party; you're in public (and not a dark bar).  Gotta go talk to so-and-so; gotta make with the conversation.  But first, a little kiss to say, Hey, Person With Me, I'm Glad You're Mine.

9.  The Couch Kiss.  Couches are fun.  If you haven't climbed on top of a man sitting on a couch - Well, if you've got a man, you simply must go try it right now!

10.  The I've Been Dating You For Years And Oh My God Are You Hot Kiss.  See what's not on the list?  The First Kiss.  OK, it's got all the glamour.  But it's got nothin' on what comes later.

Anything to add?  You can even defend the first kiss if you must - I know it's a fav!


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Ah, my fondness for kisses and cars explained! :)

The "Outside the Car Kiss" got me thinking back to one of my all time fave movies - Pretty in Pink. Don't you remember Andie and Blaine kissing in the rain outside her pink car??? Fantasy material for most of my adolescence.

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