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Now Introducing…The Vagina!

Remember 5th grade? Well, that was the year that we girls were separated from the boys in our school and corralled together and told that we, for the rest of our lives, would be different and special and weaker and that there were things we’d need to learn to cope with all this.

We were handed little workbooks on our anatomy that showed pictures and diagrams of our little feminine parts and introduced us to sex ed. in the most basic and elemental way our elementary school would allow at the time.

This really tickled me.

It tickled me so much so that I even shared it with my best friend and the person who sat right next to me in class. I wanted to show him the ridiculous “lesson” we girls had just endured while he was out playing football like I wanted to be doing. His name was Bobby Smith and he and his sister Wendy went all the way through grade school with me. Whenever I think about him, even to this day, I think about the startled and horrified look on his face when I handed him my vagina book, a look that, I’m sure, expressed his shock at seeing something that even grown men are grossed out by AND his acknowledgement that, although we were best friends and did everything together, I was a girl and he was a boy. And that difference permanently changed our relationship.

I kept my girly workbook, however, and studied it and tried to incorporate what I could into my tomboyish repertoire. Now I want to share with you, my loyal blog readers, the updated version of this girly workbook. Its from the latest issue Women’s Health magazine and is called The Ultimate Guide to Your…Vagina (Gasp). It’s the grown-up’s version, and Nicole Beland does a fabulous job at giving a comprehensive look into (and around) our vaginas. And in case you were wondering, it comes complete with pretty pictures HERE.

Show it to your best male friend. I need to find Bob’s address so I can send it to him too.


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There's only one problem...that diagram is a picture of the VULVA...the vagina is inside!!!

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