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Nudist Resorts

I’ve had a very stressful few months. I had the car accident the day after Thanksgiving. I’d just got another car and resolved all my issues with insurance and selling my wrecked car when the holidays rained down. Both these events happened in the midst of a real work upswing. Needless to say, I need to get away and relax.

I started searching for the perfect girly spa retreat. I want to lie around and do yoga, eating nothing but fruit and drinking nothing but sparkling water, in between sessions with a raindrop therapy masseuse. I want two or three days away from civilization, my civilization, to clear my head and get my groove back. But naturally, since I’m a warm weather person, this led to fantasies of lying on a beach letting the warm sun and balmy air nurse me back to perfect psychological and emotional health.

And during my search for nice, warm, girly resorts to bring me out of my winter funk, I came across a site promoting a nude resort.

As a teenager, my friends and I heard about a nude beach here in New Jersey, which I thought was silly since Jersey is still a part of the United States and there would be no state in the union that would allow such a place, right? We palmed it off as a myth and rolled our eyes whenever anyone brought the subject up. But indeed, there is a nude beach in Jersey called Gunnison’s Beach at Sandy Hook and there are listings for it all over the internet. Just type “beach resort.”

Then, I got distracted by all the sites and postings about nudism. There are nudist clubs all over the world. The internet boasts hundreds of forums and chat rooms devoted to “the lifestyle.” Who knew there was still this large a following for something that I believed was pretty rare since the days of free love and the “age of aquarius.” Problem is, nobody wants to post a mission statement or mantra for what this “lifestyle,” consists of. One website,, can’t even give a consensus of what the term nudism means. They offer a quasi disclaimer instead stating “that no person or organization speaks for nudism” and “there can't be any ‘official’ answer.”

But it got me thinking. If there’s no longer a thrill in taking clothes off, and you walk around nude the same as you do when you’re dressed, then doesn’t the phrase “undressing him with your eyes” lose all meaning? And what fun is that?

I still plan on finding a spa.


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I'd like to suggest our spa: Living Waters Spa. We are #1 rated ( and offer pure hot mineral water, amazing massages and spa treatments, and a wonderful experience. Check us out -

Tom, let's you and Eric set up a time to expand on this. I'd love to do a follow-up on nudism as the last thing I want to do is to trivialize something that clearly has a legitimate portion of the population's attention. I'd love to hear your story and so would our readers!

Hi Kellie,

My name is Tom Mulhall. My wife and own The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional resort and spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

As Forbes Magazine pointed out nude vacations are the fastest growing niche in the travel industry at over a $400 million business.

Nude resorts are no longer like the nudist colonies of old. Many like ours, rival the top boutique resorts around.

I am a past president of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce and am happy to talk with you about nude recreation. I know Eric from the nakednudism blog and he is also a very good person to talk with. He wrote another comment to you.

At nudist resorts the thrill is not in going around nude, but having the personal sensual freedom of having the warm sun or water on your bare skin. It is a fantastic way to relax. Also nudist resorts are very social. Many life long friendships are created by people meeting at nudist resorts.

Spa Finder Magazine just posted that one of the top trends in the spa industry is social spas. People are tired of being alone at spas, they are seeking nice people to talk with. This is probably one of the reasons nudist resorts are so popular.

You will never know how much fun you are missing out on until you stay at a nice nudist resort like ours.

Happily! Feel free to drop me an email:

EJP, lets talk more! I left a comment on your blog space. Let's get you in a quote.


Purenudism isn't a real nudist website. It peddles ripped off photos to voyeurs and has about as much to do with nudism as any other porn site.

In a nutshell, "the lifestyle" is nudity in a nonsexual, social environment. A nudist is someone who considers themselves as such.

With regards to nudity still being fun, it's all about context. Sexuality is much more a function of behavior and the mind than it is a state of dress. I can spend all day with a girl nude on the beach, but when we get back to the bedroom it's a different story. And no matter how many times I might see her naked, I still undress her with my eyes every time she wears a skimpy outfit ;-)

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