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Sex and Violence? Isn't one Worse than the Other?

I have a confession to make. I don't think that I can watch 24 anymore. It's not that I don't find it entertaining, it's just that it makes me realize how sickly hypocritical our world has become. Graphic violence is okay; sexuality (of any kind - romantic or otherwise) is frowned upon.

My husband and I watched 24 last night (I had Tivo-ed the Golden Globes) in shock and horror. Since when is it acceptable to show a burning corpse and a man biting out another man's jugular on network television during primetime? Seriously. Um, it's okay for characters to detonate a nuclear bomb but networks choose not to air condom ads (which by the way, don't show sex at all).

What has this world come to? Las Vegas (the show not the city) is chock full of strippers, lap dances, and gratituitous (sometimes exploitative) sex - but again, condom ads are nonexistent. What is going on? Since when do we tolerate blatantly vicious acts of violence but condemn sexually healthy (and positive) media messaging? (Perhaps I shouldn't have asked that - I can guess who had something to do with that).

What are your thoughts? I have just about had it...

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Elisa and Liz,

Glad I'm not the only one to recognize how problematic this is. Now, raising a small child, I am even more conscious of what he sees (albeit inadvertently) on the tube. How do you explain it all?


I totally agree. This has been a twisted part of the American psyche for decades.

I mean, check out the wave of modern horror films that have been all the rage in the last few years. Truly sick stuff going on in them.

I can't bear to even think about it, and the fact that so many people seem to get off on it.

Ug! I have a friend who's been trying to get me to watch 24, and now I'm so glad I missed it.

And seriously, this whole "sex is bad, but extreme violence is OK" ridiculousness is *really* something I wish the entertainment industry would stop talking about as an obvious absurdity and start *doing* something to change it.

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