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Things to Love about Being Single

Well, I'm single again.  Never a good time, break-ups.  Lots of tears and red wine - at least, that's how I do it.

But on the more constructive side, I thought it would be a good time to review some things I truly love about being single.

1.  I revel in the sense of possibility.  At every event I intend, in every workday, on every hike, at every dance, in every game, there is the possibility that I could meet him, that I could connect with him.  I love that I am free and healthy and ready for that opportunity.

2.  I enjoy being a single, 30-something woman in Los Angeles and writing about this life experience.  I have a bad habit of being a bit of an experience whore (e.g., I could leave this totally offensive show at The Roxy... or, I could stay and ride out the experience and see where it goes...), but this particular instance is at least rewarding, and I hope helpful and/or entertaining to those of you reading in some small way.

3.  I enjoy cultivating friendships.  I'm fortunate to have many good friends in Los Angeles, and thank goodness for that!

4.  I'm beyond thankful that I am not in a messed up, miserable relationship and that I never did get married.  I've used my time in singlehood as an opportunity to grow and figure things out, and it's been invaluable.  This ties into item 1, since I feel confident that when I do start a new relationship, it will be for the right reasons. I also feel confident in what qualities I'm looking for and that I'll know him when I throw him down on the ground and ravish see him.

5.  When I am hurt or judged by a man, it's not anyone I'm in love with, and that's kinda nice.  Partners in a relationship do hurt each other sometimes, and while that's part of life and part of developing intimacy,when it not part of my life, well, that's cool.

6.  I like being able to focus primarily on me and my goals.  As easily and joyously as my focus expands to include another, I can't deny that there's power and joy in All Me, All The Time.

7.  In recent years, I have had the strongest sense of this time in my life being fleeting.  My brain says, this "time" could last forever, I could easily never get an opportunity to direct film or television and never meet my partner in crime, but my instincts feel that this time is fleeting and my heart feels it should be cherished for the joys it holds.  So I do.


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