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*Source: American Social Health Association

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Ask about STDs.

I was thinking about my recent break-up - because he treated me right.  And I was thinking that while half of it is: Good Guy; there's another half that's: Hey, Communicated and Stood Up For My Needs.  And that made me think about STDs.

Yes, it's a winding path, my stream of consciousness.

Here's the thing:  There are good guys who will tell you about their STDs before you're intimate no matter what.  And there are bad guys who won't tell you about their STDs no matter what you say or do.

In between, though, there's a whole lot of guys who aren't monsters and aren't perfect and screw up sometimes.  STDs can be embarrassing and difficult to talk about - both if you have one and if you don't want to have one.  Hey, that's why you didn't speak up and ask about them *before* you were half-naked, right?

'Cause it was just a blow job or a hand job, and hey, everything *looked* OK, right?  And maybe he thought, well, I'm not having an outbreak, or it's just this once, or I really need to bring this up but I don't know how, or I'm scared, or I'm embarrassed...

Yeah, if he has an STD, and he doesn't tell you:  Jerk Move.  I'm not saying he's off the hook.

But, hey, did YOU ask?  Did YOU make a point to say, "Hey, my sexual health is really important to me."  Did YOU bring it up and make it impossible for all but the most jerkiest of jerks NOT to tell you about his STD?

Don't leave your sexual health up to someone else doing the right thing.  YOU have to do the right thing, too.



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