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This Valentine's Day, Just Say No To Whiny Men

I'm developing a serious pet peeve.

These people and their whining about "Hallmark Holidays."  And if it's Christmas, then it's "Oh, it's all just so commercialized, wah, wah, wah."

So don't make YOUR holiday about commercial stuff!  DUH.

So, I had a serious discussion with a male coworker about Valentine's Day.  He was telling me - quite honestly - what a hassle and an expense it is.

First of all, think out of the box.  There are a million ways to celebrate without going crazy or spending a ton, and let's be clear about something else:  YES, YOU CAN BE ROMANTIC ANY DAY.  YES, YOU SHOULDN'T NEED AN EXCUSE.  YES, HALLMARK MAKES A LOT OF MONEY ON V-DAY.  SO DOES THE FLORAL INDUSTRY.

And none of this means a thing about Valentine's Day.  It's a holiday.  It's fun.  It's romantic.  It's just not that big a deal.

I thought about what my friend said for a while.  I heard what he was saying.  The fact that prices jack up and everyone goes out on the same night definitely causes hassle and expense, especially in a big city.  But, still, something was bothering me...

And I finally realized that what it was:  I take on that sort of hassle like TEN MOTHERFLIPPING TIMES A DAY.  OOOHHH, do you have to deal with expense and hassles LIKE A FEW DAYS A YEAR???


Please. Make some reservations and buck up, already.  Or order dinner in.  Hell, have pizza and a romantic movie and a back rub.  Buy a card.  What's the problem???

Honestly, if I get the whole negative-on-holidays line from a guy, I just know that I would rather go the next ten years without sex OR romance rather than deal with that whiny, negative, un-spirited and un-fun-loving lump of lame for even ten minutes.


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