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65 million Americans are currently living with an STD.* And Women are twice as likely as men to contract an STD.* Find out how you can make a difference. Join the Cause. Visit

*Source: American Social Health Association

New Year's Sex Resolution

Okay, I'll be the cliche blogger that actually posts about resolutions. Every woman when thinking of your New Year's resolutions should incorporate her desires in the realm of romance and sex into her New Year's resolutions.  You don't want to just grow in some areas of your want to grow in all of them, right? And the boudoir should be one.

The New Year is an opportunity to close a previous chapter and spark a fresh angle to the next chapter of life, and it is important to be open and explore the new romantic possibilities and actually discuss them with your lover.  I'm sure he would love to add new passionate ways to have sex to your repertoire, as well as new places and props, but this would be a great time to also bring up a discussion about consistent safe sex. Once a lady gets into a relationship, she gets on birth control and thinks that it's okay to no longer practice safe sex. But the prevalence and spread of STDs via women is still at a rapidly growing rate, and only we can be champions of our own sexual health.

This discussion as a part of a New Year's Resolution can revitalize and further intensify our sex life and also reinforce our trust and communication.  Remember, it is not only okay but essential to communicate about these things and the New Year presents us with a golden opportunity.  Take advantage of it!      

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Condoms on Campus - Nonexistent?

I haven't blogged in a while...vacation seems to fry my brain. What is supposed to recharge my batteries actually makes me a bit groggy. But have no fear, I'm back, ready to tackle all that our society has to throw at us (or all that we create for that matter). Today's issue - a recent blog in the Huffington Post.

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Can You Seductively Kill Spontaneity

A man once asked me, "How do you stop the train when it's moving?" I didn't get it. Was he giving me an SAT question hoping that I would be some Rubik's Cube champion with great success in answering impossible questions? Was this a sex question? Ah, yes, it was. This man wanted to know how to stop "the train" of sexual spontaneity in order to whip out the condoms.

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I thought you had the condoms!

Well, it finally happened.  Despite my major condom stash at home and the fact that I usually have my little pouch o' condoms in my purse - and despite The Boyfriend's drawer being regularly restocked - the horrible moment came.

The moment you realize that you don't have a condom.

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The Happy Homemaker's Guide to Making Dental Dams

I used my first dental dam when I was about seven. I was in the dentist's chair getting my back molars sealed. But today, dental dams have a whole new meaning - and I am not sure if my pediatric dentist would be happy that I was talking about my "first" time.

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What is it about condoms that makes everyone smile?

Oh, that's right - it's the sex!

So I'm standing at a screenwriting conference in Los Angeles, chatting in a hotel lobby with some old and new friends, when one of my friends says, "Hey, where's the goods you promised me?  That's what I want to know."

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Using a Condom? Here's How

I am a big believer in sex ed refreshers...yes, everyone needs a little refresher of information every once in a while - especially when it is something as important as sex. So, welcome to my class. Today's lesson: "How to Use A Condom".

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The Vibrating Ring

I tried the Vibrating Ring last night. WOW. It was freakin' amazing! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have the Rabbit attached to your lover? Well, Elexa has solved the problem for you. You have got to try this! It's like having sex and masturbating at the same time. This is one sex toy that you can easily introduce into your routine with ease and it won't totally turn him off. It comes in a condom scary can that be?

The ring is placed on the base of the guys penis before sex and then he gets in you. It's pre-packed with a you can be safe at the same time. There's a tiny knob on the side that you push in to get it to start vibrating and comes pre-installed with a battery. It vibrates for up to 20 minutes (for some reason mine worked for waaaaay longer), massaging your clitoris while he's in you.

The buzz is not too abrasive or too stimulating---it's soft almost like hummingbird wings. He's moving at the same time so that reduces the constant friction. It  has the possibility of giving you at least 2 orgasms in a row (or more!).

My only complaint would be that the knob is tiny and there's really no way to shut it off once you start having sex without breaking the rhythm of things. In addition, you might not want to use it on a guy that has premature might cause him to be even more premature than he is.

If you haven't tried it, definitely give it a go! It was so cool that I can't wait to break out my second box...and will be stocking up on more after that.

Have you tried the Vibrating Ring yet? If so, what did you think?

Available condoms make a difference.

Having condoms free and readily available as I was becoming sexually active had a positive effect on my life.  When I was in undergrad, condoms were out there, and we all carried them around.

That's why I'm so excited by Elexa's new "Buy a Box, Give a Box" campaign.

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Buy A Box, Give A Box! Let’s Get Everyone Involved!

I got a new client a couple of weeks ago. I’m the city coordinator for a national pilot campaign to increase the number of African-American women who get tested for HIV. During the training for this new post I was bombarded with facts and stats about how grim it is for all women, especially Black women, what with so many still not educated enough about STDs or still too reticent to take complete control of their sexual health. Elexa by Trojan is doing their part.

Until December, buying a box of Elexa condoms will result in a donation of a box of those condoms to a women’s group by Gifts in Kind, a well-respected product grant maker. This is tremendous in making sure condoms are readily available to women and in reducing the stigma around seeking out, buying and using condoms every time we have sex. Its the least we, who have more knowledge and more accessibility, can do for those who may not. But that’s not all we can do.

In my new post for the pilot HIV testing program, I’ll be visiting whoever I can in the Philadelphia area who can be partners with me to get more Philly women tested. I’ll be visiting Temple University, Philadelphia’s largest, which is in the bottom 20 on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card. I’ll be talking to many women and women’s groups in the city who fit the demographic: Black women between 18 and 34 who are in or are seeking monogamous relationships with men. What else can I do? The same thing you can do…

Among my friends, I’m always the one who knows the most about the newest STD on the scene or a different mutation of the same old ones. I’m always the one who has the correct information on everything concerning women’s issues, everything from sex toys to toxic shock syndrome to genital mutilation. Ask me anything. Really, ASK! And that’s what I challenge all my readers to do. Ask questions. Let’s get involved. No matter where you live or what your personal opinion, there’s something you can do to increase the number of women you know who are better informed and in control of their sexual health. Let’s band together. Let’s volunteer at our local health clinics. Let’s get sex toy manufacturers to include a condom in every package. Let’s buy a box of condoms and offer them for guests on our coffee tables instead of candy or fruit. We can make the difference. Ask me anything!

You can find out more about the Buy A Box, Give A Box campaign at Elexa Sexy Smart.

Let's Talk About Anyone Who Will Listen

Did you know that October is Let's Talk month? Technically, it is designed to encourage parents to talk to their children and teens about sex (which you know I wholeheartedly support and write about quite frequently). But I feel like we can reinterpret this to fit any of our individual needs.

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If Women Are Twice As Likely to Get an STD as a Man…

...then why are women not buying and carrying a condom?

I write and talk about sex with women, A LOT.  And it always surprises me how few women are sexually assertive enough to carry their own condoms.  I mean, these are modern women living in the 21st century, buying their own cars, homes, but not a device that will protect their sexual health?  It’s baffling.  15.3 million people are infected with STDs each year and 65 million people have an incurable STD, so hello, it’s time for us all to get “SexySmart”. Being SexySmart means being responsible about your sexual health and enjoying a more intimate and pleasurable sexual experience on your own terms.  As women are twice as likely as men to contract a STD, the makers of Trojan products want women to protect themselves and help protect others and have announced a new program to do just that.  This program is the “Campaign for SexySmart” and beginning in October, when anyone buys a box of Elexa condoms, the makers of Trojan will give a box to women’s shelters and clinics.  Why is this program so great?  Because no woman can afford to go uninformed and unprotected. 

So you ask, how does the “Campaign for SexySmart” work?  For every box of Elexa condoms purchased from now until December, the makers of Trojan  will donate a box of Elexa condoms to Gifts In Kind - a minimum of 1 million condoms – to help protect women in need. Gifts in Kind, the leader in the field of product philanthropy, will distribute these condoms to women across the United States who are at risk of STDs and unintended pregnancy and who may not have access to or the means for which to buy condoms.  It’s easy as that.  You buy a box, and they’ll take care of “giving” it for you.  So what do you think about that ladies (or guys)?  Is it time for you to get SexySmart?

What Would You Do?

Would you sleep with a man who refused a condom? A reader talks about her struggles with her boyfriend...

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The Many Benefits of Sexercise

A popular question I get asked by lots of women is what the real deal is on sexercise – can it really help gals to get in shape? And while a roll in the hay can result in a luscious lover burning 100-150 calories, the true benefits of sexercise don’t lie in whether or not you can work up a good sweat, but in how it can boost the way you feel about yourself.  After all, getting in shape, whether in the sack or at the gym, can make you feel more attractive, increase your self-esteem, and ultimately charge your sex life even more!  Feeling energized and confident, and, in turn, more sexually attractive, are all factors that contribute to your sexual vitality, desire and satisfaction.  And of course, once you feel super sexy, others see you that way too. 

In general, being physically fit makes for better sex in that your libido and sexual functioning are primed for action. When you exercise, endorphins - mood-elevating compounds - are released, creating the deep relaxation needed for amazing sex.  Even better, these endorphins also help minimize pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual cramps, and the discomforts of menopause in women, making for a hotter love life.

As long as it’s regular and moderate, almost any type of exercise, sexercise included, improves sex.   This is because our nervous and cardiovascular systems, which are utilized when we workout, contribute to our sexual functioning.  A healthy nervous system is what helps you to enjoy all sorts of erotic stimulation, e.g., your lover’s scent.  It does this partly through the release of certain hormones, with a relaxed body being more sexually responsive to arousal.  Your nervous system is also what increases blood flow to your genitals when stimulated by relaxing the smooth muscle tissues of the pudendal arteries, which carry blood flow to the genitals.  The result: you experience more sexual excitement and vaginal lubrication. 

A healthy cardiovascular system also results in better bodily response to your sexual wants, including your sex drive.  A healthy heart and blood vessels allow for improved blood flow throughout your entire body, filling your tissues, genitals included, with rich oxygen. 

While you can benefit from practically any kind of exercise, being able to have sex for better sex and a more shapely body is definitely a great way to go for many, partners willing.  For the best results, adorn his pride and joy with a Trojan Elexa condom before climbing on top of him for the ride of his life.  A little bit of rodeo action on a regular basis should definitely help to keep you, and your relationship, in shape.

Condoms - Buying 'Em and Using 'Em

I'm just going to admit this right up front.  After I'd been cheated on and realized that even in a monogamous relationship I was going to have to use condoms, I wasn't happy.  I wasn't pro-condom and a little part of me thought I was never going to enjoy sex again.  "Well, you're just going to have to use them," I told myself.  "Nothing's worth an STD or worse - not even condom-free sex."

Lucky for me, right as I was beginning to use condoms again, Elexa was knocking on my door.

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What's It All About, Elexa?

I think that their might be some confusion out there...are Elexa condoms female condoms? Who uses them? How do you use them? Well, have no fear, I'm about to give you the 411.

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NEWSFLASH! Elexa by Trojan™ Condoms Are BIGGER Than Magnum!

Ever see the box for the Trojan™ Magnum condom? Dark and no-nonsense, masculine and straightforward, they’re obviously an alternative to the fun and games candy-colored concoctions being passed around at parties and in dorms. No-frills Magnums are for those guys not interested in cutesy gimmicks and, yes, for another reason: Magnum’s are larger condoms for LARGER guys. After all, being with a very well-endowed man is serious business!

I remember all those late nights giggling with other girls about how big, how wide, how long and how smooth, but it would be years before I was with a guy who was an actual member of the Magnum club. Lo and behold, my current boyfriend and love of my life, is a card-carrying member! Yay me!

When I began this blog, he was so excited. I thought he was simply excited for me as I’ve wanted a platform for either a sex or a fitness column for some time. But he was beside himself for another reason: he wanted me to blog about him! Now most men would run or the hills at the thought of their girlfriend divulging intimate secrets of their sex life together or, God forbid, relive sexual events from seasons past, pre-him. But not my man. He keeps asking, “When will you blog about me?”

So here goes: my boyfriend sings a ringing endorsement of Elexa by Trojan™ condoms. He loves that they smell normal, not so annoyingly like latex. He loves that they’re comfortable, very comfortable, which somehow surprised him. But the piece de resistance is that, in his words, “I think these condoms are even bigger than Magnums!” He was like a kid on Christmas tearing through each new wrapper for each of the three Elexa condom types: stimulating, ultra-sensitive and natural feel (his favorite is natural feel). He was so curious and wide-eyed. It was like we’d discovered the latest sex toy and couldn’t wait to try it out, not simply doing the routine prep work before going to work. He never complained once about the pastel-colored boxes nor the presumption that they must only be for women. Now, in fact, he doesn’t want to use anything else!

Now how’s THAT for a ringing male endorsement?

Gay Governors and The View

So I happened to be watching The View yesterday, waiting with anticipation to see how my  nemesis, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, would handle Governor Jim McGreevey. As I expected, she acted like the super-conservative Republican I knew she could be.

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SexySmart Podcast #2 from MySpace

Take a listen to my second SexySmart Podcast, originally recorded for the Elexa MySpace group. There are four more to come!

SexySmart podcast 2

Condoms as Fashion Statement?

Remember Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, the quirky, outspoken member of R&B/pop group TLC? Well, at the group’s inception, she had a habit of wearing huge glasses onstage with a brightly colored condom taped to one of the lenses. She looked ridiculous, but she made a great point.

Young people have always been notoriously reticent about buying condoms and displaying them prominently. In some stores, the condoms are kept only behind the counter because they’d suddenly grow feet if kept anywhere else in the store. Why? I suppose so kids won’t have to be seen at the register with them.

I propose an easy solution to this problem. Let’s get Trojan and Elexa by Trojan to fashion a line of condom holders, akin to the cell phone cozy, to help those in need of camouflaging their latex protection stay on the sly. I don’t get why a healthy, sexually active person needs to be on the down low, but I won’t begrudge them their privacy. I can see why someone with a moral, cultural or religious issue would need to keep the secret. In a recent Reuters article by Natalie Armstrong, 30,000 plus pins and brooches were made from condoms during the International AIDS Conference in Toronto. The goal of “The Condom Project” is to help de-stigmatize the use of condoms throughout the world, especially in high-risk regions like Africa. But don’t think we don’t still have huge issues with the condom stigma here in America.

I can think of things that should be hidden. Who has one of those pink plastic tampon holders? I do. That’s understandable. Nobody needs to know all my monthly business. Remember that episode of The Facts of Life, when Blair found a marijuana joint hiding in a lipstick tube that was really a sneaky secret drug compartment?? Fine, hide the weed. It is illegal. But condoms? Why not be proud of practicing safer sex?

Okay, okay. Still want to keep it secret? Fine. Let’s get you that condom cozy.

Be a Force for Change

At the International AIDS Conference last month, AIDS advocate Melinda Gates called for prevention tools for women in an effort to prevent HIV infection. Whether you hope to one day be the next Melinda Gates, want to be a “sexpert,” or simply long to be a force in your community in fostering a positive sexuality, it’s never too early to get started on your quest to make a difference. With 79% of junior high teachers and 45% of high school teachers failing to teach about condoms, any time and efforts you can lend to safer sex promotion at your school, your college campus, and/or local community youth center can only help in righting the wrongs of the abstinence-only sex education agenda in our schools and in assisting women in protecting themselves. With some planning, networking, and heart, your efforts can be a huge success. Hopefully, the following five pointers will get you well on your way…


  1. Find allies, like Planned Parenthood. You’re going to need people to work with and support you, as well as provide you with venues for advertising, presentation space, and a “home base.” Unless you’ve got a degree in a sex ed, round up a supervisor to oversee efforts, provide guidance, and back you on any political challenges to your agenda. These people may include your school nurse, a health promotion services director or educator, and/or a faculty advisor.

  1. Make sure that you, yourself, have, at the very least, basic “sexpertise.” Take courses that deal with sexuality is sues, read books written by sex experts, and check out legitimate online resources, like the ones below, for sexual health information…
  1. Work with your local health center or department of health. They may be able to provide you with free pamphlets and articles. Some will also lend you samples of contraceptives for presentations, or, if you’re lucky, have safer sex freebies for you to give away as well.

  1. When host workshops, make sure that you’re culturally sensitive and inclusive. Resources that can assist you in specific outreach to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered community include: the Bisexual Resource and GLBT National Help Center
  1. Keep your programming fun! Whether you’re giving a workshop, are camping out in the student union building with an information table, or are handing out condoms, like Trojan Elexa’s stimulating condoms, get a hold of sexual toys/aids, books, videos, and safer sex supplies for your presentations. Even sex doesn’t captivate an audience forever. So kick things up a notch with some titillating sexual enhancers from these online stores/companies and books, with products and ideas specifically geared towards women, women’s empowerment, and celebrating female sexuality…

More than anything, make sure that your efforts are sustainable. Have somebody you can hand the reins to when you move on, or have a whole sexual health peer advocates program, based on your efforts, in place so that more people can go out and spread the word on safer sex and female empowerment. After all, being a force in and of itself can be contagious.

AIDS: Still "Renting" Space in 2006

Yes. I am a sap - I cry at lots of things, good songs, commercials, anything that tugs at my heart strings ever so slightly. Over ten years ago I saw the show "Rent" when it first appeared on the Great White Way (whatever that means). I had almost forgotten about it completely until I turned on my television this evening and yep, there it was - the big screen version. And the tears began...

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Redefining the Word "Test"

I had my first AIDS test at 19 (when I was a freshman in college). And while it was a scary experience – it was an important milestone for me. Yes, it’s back to school time again and “testing” doesn’t just refer to how many multiple choice questions you can fudge your way through while checking out the hot guy/girl next to you.

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A Condom is a Girl's Best Friend.

I was talking to a girlfriend about condoms recently, and she asked me why my boyfriend and I were still using condoms if we'd both been fully tested for STDs and were in a monogamous relationship.  Like with any lesson hard learned, I was eager to share the why.

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Drug Store Cowgirl

I read an article in Women’s Health recently that detailed all the ordinary, household items that can be used as sex toys. Duh! The premise was to make it easy to play off your freaky deaky around the kids and easily dodge the prying questions of nosy friends who visit. “Oh, what’s this feather duster doing sitting right here?” You get the drift. Sex toys are now taking up major space in the market, especially among women, and I won’t begrudge anyone their right to sell a specific product to make a profit. However, I’ve always believed that its the makeshift toys, harkening back to banging on a saucepan with a spoon to make music when I’d just gotten a toy guitar for my birthday, that we have the most fun with.

It got me thinking. Aren’t there other, more unidentifiable, home goods out there that just need to be looked at in a different, more sexual way?

My very first boyfriend had a thing for my lipgloss. Yep, that ultra-shiny, Maybelline stuff that came in the glass tube with the roll-on tip? He loved it so much that he requested his own tube to make his below-my-belt escapades just that much tastier. Hey, whatever keeps him down there. How about the garden-variety deck of cards? An impromptu game of strip poker is always a pleaser. Ever make a cock ring out of a latex glove or that latex tubing they sell to diabetics?

I would never suggest going the discount route for condoms or other protective measures, but we can have loads of fun with the low-cost, generic versions of many other finds around the house.

Holler back at me: who’s using clothespins and baby oil?

"I Have A...": How to Handle the News About STDs

Okay, it's 2006 and we are not strangers to sexually transmitted infections. (Don't freak out just yet...this isn't to scare you, but it is a reality check). According to recent statistics 65 million Americans have some sort of incurable STD. Yeah, 65, there stands a good chance that someone may tell you that they have one, and you are going to have to decide what to do and how to do it.

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More Music and Sex

Music and Sex has been a hot topic this month, both here at and in the national Media.  Fellow blogger, Kellie Murphy wrote about it in her article What’s your favorite Sexy Song? and Logan Levkoff referenced a new study from the Journal “Pediatrics” in her post Dirty and Degrading Lyrics Increase Teen Sex questioning our intolerance to certain song lyrics.

Last week I was quoted in an AP article about this same very study.

As is usually the case for experts, a lot of points I made in the interview didn't make it to print so I’ll post them here.  One of the major points I was trying to make is that parents have a much greater influence on their teens than the music does, for example, simply by spending more time with them than the boob tube.

All too often, everybody is looking to blame everything/everybody else besides the parents when it comes to unfavorable activities their kids are up to. A collective responsibility of the teens, music, parents, media, and community is being completely overlooked in making these findings in any way useful as well.

Futhermore, music's role (videos included) in teaching young people about sexual coercion wasn't discussed in the AP article, yet certainly it would seem to be a component in the fact that these lyrics are degrading, reinforce negative gender stereotypes, and promote male machoism.

Courtney Harding dissects the study over at the Huffington Post, saying “There probably is some link between listening to music that constantly alludes to sex and actually doing it, just as there is probably a link between sex and how much TV a teenager watches, how much time they spend on MySpace, and whether or not they spend their lunchtimes practicing cheerleading or playing Magic: The Gathering.”

So let’s continue the conversation about this.  What do you think?  Is music violating our sexuality? Are teens making unwise sexual decisions and putting themselves at risk for pregnancy and STDs because of their music habits? What positives can music lyrics bring to us so we can learn something about our sexuality?

SexySmart Podcast from MySpace

Take a listen to my SexySmart Podcast which I originally recorded for the Elexa MySpace group. Tell me what you think. I'll be uploading 5 more over the next few months.

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The Pleasure of Condoms

So it seems that people are finally realizing that safe sex can be pleasurable. Wow, are we on to something or what? (total sarcasm here). "Making safer sex sexy" seems to be the latest wave in sexuality education. And thank goodness! What have we been waiting for?

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Summer Lovin’ Wet Sex Style

When it’s hot outside, but being indoors with your honey simply won’t do, nothing beats submerging yourself in water in getting things extra wet and wild.  One of the most popular concerns people have about sex in any body of water, however, is whether or not using a condom works, if it’s needed at all.  So if getting tangled up in each other this summer involves taking to a swimming pool or the ocean, make sure you consider the following safer sex advice well in protecting yourself before diving in for some dog day lovin’.

While seemingly carefree, pool and ocean sex do make for riskier sex.  Pregnancy can happen any time semen is spilled in the vagina or near the vulva, even in water - so a condom, like Trojan’s Elexa Natural Feel condom, should be used.  Yet, note that water can seep between the condom and penis, causing slippage, as well as wash away any spermicide you might be relying on.  Other factors to be aware of: Chemicals, salt, and bacteria in the water can be forced into the rectum or vagina during thrusting, possibly causing irritation, infection and temporary dryness.  Oil-based products, as well as chlorine, cause latex condoms to deteriorate, reducing the amount of protection you’re after.  In sum, as you and your lover attempt sexual positions and feats only known in the weightlessness of water, make sure his willy is well covered so that next summer’s fun doesn’t involve wading in the kiddie pool.

That said, sex in a pool or at sea can make for some new sensations and amazing action.  Positions mastered in shallower waters, especially when you’re at the beach, will depend on the amount of privacy you want and your ability to breathe, whether face up or lying down.  As you work your way into deeper waters, if both of you can touch the ocean floor, you’ll have more standing position options. Taking sex play to deeper waters still will require a tad more athleticism.  By wrapping your legs around his waist, he can enter you from a quasi-sitting position.  Asking him to flex his lower abs can make for a better, steadier thrust.  Ease your efforts with a floatable device, like an air mattress.  With your upper body lying on the mattress, he can enter you from behind while holding onto you or the device.  Lastly, given the many things that can be found floating or swimming in the water, make sure one of you has cleared the port before entry! 

If all of this sounds like more than you’re up for, or if you’re worried about a condom’s underwater effectiveness, keep the action on dry land.  Sex on the beach, under a pool towel, or in the great outdoors near a waterfall have long been popular for feeling like you’re submerged in water without actually getting soaked.  These are also certainly the most ideal options in getting the most protection out of your condom(s).  Regardless of what you choose to do, while most messaging around protecting yourself in summer revolves around whipping out your sunscreen, if he’s whipping out his penis in the heat of passion, make sure he’s sporting one of your latex lifesavers by Elexa in an effort to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. 

Waiting for sex. Kinda.

I dated my current boyfriend for two months before we had sex.  Well... OK, that depends on your definition of sex.  To be accurate, I guess I should say intercourse.  (Ah, that great, romantic word.)  And I'll admit it was a long two months!

First off, I asked him to get tested.  For HIV and all the other stuff, you know?  And then, if you ask, you have to do, but I wanted to go to my OB/GYN, so I had to wait a few weeks for my appointment.  He was all clear, and I hadn't even gotten in to see my doctor.  In the meantime, yes, there was nakedness (hooray for nakedness!) and various activities that definitely live in the world of sex.

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The Truth About HPV and Condoms

If you turn on the news there is always a reporter telling you some horribly scary fact about sex. But recently, there was good news on the tube. A major finding about condom use and HPV (human papilloma virus) was released by the New England Journal of Medicine. According to the study, “among newly sexually active women, consistent condom use by their partners appears to reduce the risk of cervical and vulvo-vaginal HPV infection.” This is huge! And it’s justifies what many of us have known for years: If you choose to have sex, condoms are your best option for STD prevention.

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Sexual Pleasure - Could You Give it Up?

What would you trade for sexual pleasure? Chances are, not much, if anything at all. But even though we live in this world where we claim to be sexually liberated, some women just keep giving it up without getting anything in return...

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This is sad. Women hate when men play games but all of these sites (like this) talks about not being true to yourself. If you want to be with someone then you should just let them know and lean b... Read More >>

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Use online personals, love calculator create blogs, upload your music, video's dating forums and LIVE Video IM, 3D City, fall in love today!

...

Posted by: Online Dating | May 7, 2008 8:10:20 PM

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