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Kellie Murphy

Kellie C. Murphy brings two years of freelance journalism experience and 10 years of communications experience to her Elexa Sexy Smart blog. A 1996 graduate of Rutgers University, she’s written lifestyle articles for regional magazines and newspapers as well as doing arts and entertainment writing for the likes of Philadelphia STYLE Magazine, Daily Candy and many others. Her blog will focus on keeping sex and relationships spicy and interesting and will include the lowdown on the latest toys, games and sexy products and trends. She’ll also focus particular attention on women’s sexual health and self-confidence using her personal history and experience as a guide. She has her finger on the pulse of pop culture, and will incorporate her knowledge of fashion, fitness, television and movies into her twice-weekly blog as well. Readers, you should enjoy Kellie’s style, creativity and energy!

Have Sex & Save Money!
I’m an armchair psychologist. Seriously, it was close to being my major in college and to this day I still enjoy the mechanics of how the human mind works. In

You’d Better Behave Yourself!
I’ve always believed that everyone seems just a little too proper. I think we can all benefit from loosening the restrictions and letting it all hang out, so to speak.

Nudism Revisited! 10 Questions with Tom Mulhall, Owner of the Terra Cotta Inn, Clothing Optional Resort in Palm Springs, CA
Since I wrote my nudism blog back on January 10th I’ve gotten some replies from those who are curious, those who know and those who want me to spend some

What The Hell Is Speed Dating?
I won’t clog the blog waves with yet another Valentine’s Day snore as, I’m sure, so many bloggers are wont to do today. Instead, I’ll tell you how I was

Where are the women who make up this thirty percent of female gamers? Show yourselves! I have a few questions for you. A few years ago for my birthday, I

Winning Is An Aphrodisiac
Who cares about the Super Bowl anymore? I watch every year. I’m a huge sports fan, I’m a football fan, and I like to check out the major sporting events

Sex Toy of the Month February: Super Stretch!
How many of us have nearly sprained our wrists trying to give a quality hand job to a guy who takes forever? Or better yet, how many of us have

The Incredible, Dangerous, Big Money Sex Rush!
Ever buy a very expensive pair of stiletto sandals? Remember the rush you got as you gently picked them up, smelled the leather, held them out in front of you,

The Snow In/Love In
The forecast called for snow today. It was supposed to begin snowing yesterday evening and continue into today with some accumulation and the promise of a hellish morning commute. I

Give Up Masturbation? Are You Serious?
I’ve been covering my Elexa Sexy Smart beat faithfully and looking up sex toys and making my friends and acquaintances spill their dirt and nastiness for you guys and I

What’s Your “Number”?
Why do women lie about the number of men they’ve had sex with? I know there’s still a social stigma around even the idea of a woman being in complete

Now Introducing…The Vagina!
Remember 5th grade? Well, that was the year that we girls were separated from the boys in our school and corralled together and told that we, for the rest of

Sex For Help: How Many Blowjobs Do I Owe You?
My toilet broke a while back. Well, the rubber flapper inside the tank stopped “flapping” and I needed to ask my boyfriend to help me fix it because I couldn’t

Nudist Resorts
I’ve had a very stressful few months. I had the car accident the day after Thanksgiving. I’d just got another car and resolved all my issues with insurance and selling

How do threesomes happen? I hear stories, both exciting and nerve wracking, from people who’ve decided to share the person they’ve made a commitment to with a total stranger or

Sex Toy of the Month: The Sugar Spoon!
Okay everyone. Attention please. I need you to try and hold your oohs and ahhs until the very end of this post. This is serious business. I’m going to now

Femme or Butch: Which Do You Prefer?
I tend to not like watching men do feminine things. I’m researching a story on strip clubs in my area and I know that eventually, I’ll need to explore male

An Oasis on the Horizon, Or A Mirage?
Ever been through a drought? I don’t mean a few weeks where you’re both super busy and exhausted and having sex is just for the physical release and to put

An AuPair for Christmas! The Perfect Gift?
Here’s a true story and yet another reason why the thought of marriage, of lifelong commitment to just one person, terrifies me: I worked with a woman many years ago

Hey Baby…What’s Your Sign?
Using astrology to size up potential partners is nothing new. During the 70s, “what’s your sign?” came right after “what’s your name?” Something about free love and the dominant hippie

Isn’t The Engagement Supposed To Be Foreplay?
I came across something the other day that made me chuckle. It was two custom made pencils with the names “Randal & Zahara” engraved on them. They’re table favors from

Tag, You’re It!
Learn to be elusive. You’ll have better sex! I promise! Well, I can’t actually promise it, but I am absolutely in LOVE with the idea of using my own personal

Real Lesbians Show Yourselves!
No woman is ashamed anymore of admitting to her college dorm fling with the girl down the hall. It seems everyone’s “try-sexual” and threesomes, swapping, sex on ex and girl

The Good Life
Does the good life ensure a better sex life? No, I don’t mean the good lives of the old, blue-blooded, moneyed tight-asses who marry for pedigree and only have sex

Sex Toy of the Month! Rubba Duckie, You’re The One!
Ever tried it in the bathtub? Water can be the greatest aphrodisiac. I remember how ecstatic I was when I discovered all the sexy things I could do with a

He Loves You When You’re Mad
Back when I was flirting with becoming a feminist, I bought a subscription to Marie Claire magazine. I know that Marie Claire is no rival for Ms. Magazine and won’t

Drugs & Sex
There’s ginseng, a natural stimulant that boosts energy and (allegedly) makes you feel sexy. There’s Ecstasy, a not-so-natural stimulant that promotes affection, if not necessarily sexual activity – I had

Kids Toys As Sex Toys: Co-Ed Naked Twister Anyone?
I’ve been thinking. I blogged earlier about how I like sex toys to look and seem like play toys, not like clinical, sterile torture tools, you know, something fun that

Merriam-Webster defines a fetish as “an object believed to have magical powers, an object of unreasoning devotion or concern or an object whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary

The Sex Toy Party! Details Here!
It was 75 degrees outside and I’d just played in two recreation football playoff games where I scored a touchdown and caught another 20-yard pass that led to a touchdown,

The Handsome Stranger
One thing that fascinates me about being 36 years old is that I’m still having first-time experiences. My ex-boyfriend Dan gave me my first experience with someone utterly mentally flawed.

Let’s Have Sex! No, I Mean A Cuddle Party!
“I feel like a teenager, when I discovered kissing!” This is one of the many “cuddlemonials” posted on a very interesting website I found recently, promoting a new age phenomenon

Food As Sex Toy: Is Anybody Hungry?
I’m exploring two distinct concepts with food and sex: one, that eating more healthfully can potentially improve your sex life and two, that feeding each other stimulating foods before or

Sex Toy of the Month! The Vibrating Inchworm!
If you google “The History of the Vibrator,” an interesting story from will pop up retelling the story from summer 2005 in South Carolina, where a suspicious package needed

The Miseducation of An Ex-Boy Toy
While I was working late one night last week, I logged onto iChat just to see if anyone was around. Well, just so happened that a guy, a very young Pay-Per-Minute Porn!
Along my more recent quests for sexy dirt and dirty sex, affordable shoes and the newest skinny jeans notwithstanding, I stumbled across something very interesting. Have you ever heard of

The Sex Toy Party: The Date Is Set!
On September 20th I blogged about getting a tip about a woman in my area who throws sex toy parties for women who want an alternative to waxy, yawn-inducing candle

What Should You Look For In A Sex Shop?
I stopped to visit the friend of a friend recently, now that she started a new job. She’s a former receptionist who now worked in a sex shop. As she

Mars vs. Venus: The Debate Continues!
The Washington Post recently reported a story about how a study from McGill University in Montreal is challenging the accepted vernacular of the last 10 years about how women are

Buy A Box, Give A Box! Let’s Get Everyone Involved!
I got a new client a couple of weeks ago. I’m the city coordinator for a national pilot campaign to increase the number of African-American women who get tested for

Vibrating Panties on the Greg Behrendt Show!
Should fashion really be used as sex toys? Last week on The Greg Behrendt Show, a new daytime relationship talk show airing nationwide, Greg, who penned the women’s must-read He’s

Hot Boys in Hot Cars
I’m working on a story for one of the magazines I write for about the street racing scene in Philadelphia. Imagine scores of young boys and their friends and girlfriends

A Whirlwind Saturday: The Ultimate Sex Rush!
Let me tell you about last Saturday! This day will go down in my history as one of the Top 10 All Time Best Kellie Days! I usually take the

NEWSFLASH! Elexa by Trojan™ Condoms Are BIGGER Than Magnum!
Ever see the box for the Trojan™ Magnum condom? Dark and no-nonsense, masculine and straightforward, they’re obviously an alternative to the fun and games candy-colored concoctions being passed around at

HIV, STDs and African-American Youth: Time For Change!
A recent study by Brown Medical School and the Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center revealed that African-American teens are four times likelier to engage in high-risk sex practices than their

Kellie’s Going Undercover (At a Local Sex Toy Party)!
I’d been hearing about them for a while. These private parties run identically to Tupperware or candle parties, except these parties feature the latest designer vibrators, lubricants and other aids

Condoms as Fashion Statement?
Remember Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, the quirky, outspoken member of R&B/pop group TLC? Well, at the group’s inception, she had a habit of wearing huge glasses onstage with a brightly

From Om to Oh! Do Yoga. Then, Do Him!
Yep, I’m a yoga nut. I’ll sing its praises to anyone. I’ve been practicing for about five years, but it took a while to make me a true believer. My

Boy Toys Revenge: The Double Standard…Part 2
I pride myself on my common sense and focus. Precise, mind-like-a-steel-trap, professional, calculating, independent, these are all adjectives used to describe me. I can recall everything with pinpoint accuracy. I

Boy Toys Revenge: The Double Standard…Part 1
Ever have a boy toy? Boy Toy(s), noun: 1. That fun guy you just like to hang loose and have electrifying sex with but know nothing serious will ever happen

Tech Toy Manifesto
My boyfriend hates to text message. He’ll ignore texts from his friends except in certain cases, (i.e., we’re out and someone needs directions to the club or party we’re all

The Truth About MySpace
I finally got it. After years of trying to understand what the attraction to internet hook ups over face-to-face encounters was, I realized I needed to look at the “web-scoping”

Drug Store Cowgirl
I read an article in ">Women’s Health recently that detailed all the ordinary, household items that can be used as sex toys. Duh! The premise was to make it easy

Happy Birthday To Me: The Evolution Of My Sex Life
Today’s my 36th birthday. I always weigh, measure and evaluate my life’s progress on my birthday. Many of us do this. Either on New Year’s Day, at Christmas or at

Its Movie Night! What’s Your Fave?
I can still remember the first movie to make me tingle between my legs. It was a B-grade, cable TV classic (aren’t they all?) called Summer Lovers. It was around

Reading Is Fundamental…For Good Sex Too!
When I was young, sex-oriented magazine articles were, to me, akin to porn. I’d read them under the guise of “gaining knowledge,” but really, I was looking for juicy stories,

Great Weather Rocks My World!
The thing about sex and sexual stimulation is that anything can be a great igniter and the same thing, or a variation of the same thing, can be just as

What’s Your Favorite Sexy Song?
Ex-boyfriends should be kept in maximum-security camps, only allowed out for Christmas, and maybe for Mother’s Day. There are a myriad of reasons I’d vote for this, but for the

Boy Toy or Real Toy? Do You Have To Choose?
This week’s opening salvo for Dan Savage’s Savage Love column is one for the memory books: a woman’s engaged to the man of her dreams; problem is, he’s jealous of

Does Your Man Still Make You Tingle?
When do sex toys and products stop being an asset and start being a hindrance? I’ve heard of some couples who cannot become aroused unless the costumes, candle wax and

Introvert Or Extrovert? Does It Affect Your Sex Life?
I’m a highly social animal. Being around people stimulates me, sometimes shocks me out of “the blahs” and generally makes me feel good. In my business, freelance writing, being extroverted

What’s Your Favorite Sex Toy?
I’ve been kicking ideas around with my boyfriend. We met in late March so the hyper-excited, “can’t keep our hands off each other” stage is over and we’ve settled into

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