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Liz Rizzo

I’m a South Florida girl currently living the dream in Los Angeles, Calif. I graduated Florida State Graduate Film School in August 2002 and drove across the bottom of the United States, arriving in “the La La” eleven days after graduation.

I’ve been a fast-food server, an accounts payable clerk, a researcher, a copyeditor, a technical writer and an executive assistant. I currently work in post production in Hollywood. Someday, I’m going to be a professional film and television director.

To that end, I’ve directed three short films, including my award-winning “Every Little Girl’s Dream,” and am currently working on my fourth, a five-minute high-def short entitled “Hammer.” I also directed a Public Service Announcement in 2004. My life is a constant flurry of applications to programs, industry events and planning my next move.

On my journey though, I found myself starved for a regular creative outlet for self-expression. Enter blogging. I started my personal blog, Everyday Goddess, in March 2005. I’m also a sex & relationships contributing editor for Blogher. Funny story: When I arrived at Blogher in 2005, I was amazed to discover that personal blogs weren’t the only blogs out there! And personal blogging is still the heart and soul of the blogosphere for me.

As for romance, I’m currently starting a new relationship after a few rocky years of active single life in the crazy Los Angeles dating scene. I’m hoping this one sticks, and I look forward to sharing my personal stories and romantic insights with you!

From Lovers to Friends
I’ve done it so many times. And certainly, I’m hoping a relationship sticks one of these days, but I’m also glad to have the kinda friends that ex-boyfriends can make

Love Hurts.
Sometimes, I find myself thinking about the various ways men have hurt me over the years. Sometimes, I feel like I can't bear to feel - even once more -the

Dating Dealbreakers
I'm going to just come right out and admit this - I was floored to discover that any non-smoker would date a smoker. I certainly don't think it's sweeping the

Chemistry, Our Fickle Mistress
That mysterious connection, that intangible thing that makes your words trip, your heart race, your mind wander: Chemistry. I've felt it; it's definitely real. Yet sadly, so often it doesn't

This Valentine's Day, Just Say No To Whiny Men
I'm developing a serious pet peeve. These people and their whining about Hallmark Holidays. And if it's Christmas, then it's Oh, it's all just so commercialized, wah, wah, wah. So

Are People Really Still Smoking?
Seriously - It's 2007, and it's getting to the point where smoking is just plain crazy. It's killing you; it's totally disgusting; and it's not OK. Yes, this is a

How to Break Up.
At lunch with a friend a day after my most recent break-up, the topic of hurting people came up. I was explaining that my ex-boyfriend and I were going to

Ask about STDs.
I was thinking about my recent break-up - because he treated me right. And I was thinking that while half of it is: Good Guy; there's another half that's: Hey,

I'm back in the single again.
I wish this was a post about quitting. I wish this was a post about giving up on love. I even had it planned. I'd even thought, If this one

Just Kiss Me.
There's not really anything else that compares to perfect kissing, is there? I'm not going to try to describe, because I'm pretty certain that what makes a perfect kiss for

The Politics of Sleeping Over
I've heard that people used to rush into marriage so that they could have sex. Well, if we rush in today, I think it's because we're sick of figuring out

Things to Love about Being Single
Well, I'm single again. Never a good time, break-ups. Lots of tears and red wine - at least, that's how I do it. But on the more constructive side, I

You Watch my Movie, and I'll Watch Yours.
People like different kinds of movies. This I get. On any given weekend, there are a variety of film choices. And your first choice likely isn't going to be someone

Men Pay For Dates
Today, I thought I'd share an incendiary little post I wrote back in 2005. It sparked a lot of discussion, and I posted a follow-up a few days later. Enjoy.

Relationship Resolutions
I love making New Year's Resolutions, so I thought I'd follow Vixen's resolutions post and blog about dating and relationship resolutions. Last year, I resolved to give up Internet dating

Blogging Your Boyfriend - How Much is Too Much?
My boyfriend likes my blogging. When we first started dating and he was into the whole blogging thing, I was glad of it. After all, I've watched a lot of

Too Much Tickling
The Boyfriend likes his back tickled. Some people break out the cigarettes; he flops on his stomach and says,Time for tickling! It's cute. Sometimes.

Morning Sex vs. Night Sex
From the time I bounced out of bed at 4:30am to sneak a look at my Christmas stocking, or was up in front of the TV by 8am, I have

You and Your Partner, Grumpy Together
The Boyfriend and I were stressed out. At the same time. Grump. Grump. Grump. Relationships are supposed to see-saw, aren't they? You take turns cheering each other up through the

Right before Christmas, almost everyone leaves.
Christmas in Los Angeles. Almost everyone leaves. Suddenly, the roads and the stores aren't as crowded, and the city gets quieter. Sitting alone in front of my Christmas tree, it

Favorite Sex & Relationships Blogs
I thought I'd start the week this week with a short list of a few of my favorite sex relationships blogs. I'm going to make it a short list with

Short-Term Male Birth Control - UK Scientists Invent a Whole New Pill
From Daily Mail:UK scientists invent male 'pill' that can be taken hours before sex British scientists have developed a revolutionary pill that men could take as a one-off contraceptive just

I thought you had the condoms!
Well, it finally happened. Despite my major condom stash at home and the fact that I usually have my little pouch o' condoms in my purse - and despite The

Loyalty: You and Your Partner, In It Together.
When I was in graduate film school, I was verbally abused by a fellow classmate. We were sleep deprived; we were all under a tremendous amount of stress. I did

Blowjobs around the Blogosphere
I'm just to say right up front that this is all Vixen's fault. She recently posted about the Over-Educated Nympo's post Blowjobs Are Not Icky... and now I have a

"Cherish" Your Partner, Your Relationship
It's a common relationship question: What quality is most important in a relationship? Honesty? Communication? Passion? While acknowledging that one quality alone could never be enough, I give you my

"I Hate Your Boyfriend": Do You Tell a Stranger?
I hope Logan won't mind me bookending on her post yesterday, I Hate Your Boyfriend: Do You Tell A Friend? I totally agree that sometimes you have to have an

Holidays together? Holidays apart?
My boyfriend went home for Thanksgiving, and no, I didn't go with him. I remember being a girl who would connive to manipulate things into being what I wanted. Swing

Please don't call it "orphans" Thanksgiving
I usually spend the holidays with friends. I'm not a fan of holiday travel, and I like to spend the holidays at home. As in my home, where I live.

Size 12 Is NOT Fat!
Hat tip to Suzanne Reisman and the Sarcastic Journalist, without whom I would never have known that Entertainment Tonight thinks I'm FAT at a size 12. Geez, I feel like

Savoring Life's Sweet Moments
The Boyfriend got out of jury duty early today, so he came by my office and surprised me by sweeping me away for gelato. And I'm not sure where the

You, Your Partner, and Your Television
My ex-fiance couldn't go to sleep without the television on. (Yes, I do appear to have media on the brain this week.) But if the television's on, I can't go

Sharing Your Netflix
Yes, I let The Boyfriend start a queue on my Netflix. Which is a cool feature. He has a queue; I have a queue. Great, right?

You and Your Partner: Birds of a Feather? Or a Horse of a Different Color?
Once, when I was a teenager, I overheard two married women talking near me. The gist of their conversation was that men and women have different interests and your man

Sick Boyfriend Needs Chicken Soup
The Boyfriend has a horrible cold right now. We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and played a board game with friends on Sunday night - meanwhile he's

Doing Favors For Your Partner
Have you seen that commercial where the guy picks up the toy that's fallen out of a stroller? And then someone sees him and then does something nice for someone

What is it about condoms that makes everyone smile?
Oh, that's right - it's the sex! So I'm standing at a screenwriting conference in Los Angeles, chatting in a hotel lobby with some old and new friends, when one

Accidental Adultery: Oops, I Dated a Friend?
I recently read an interesting post called Accidental Adultery by Jay in Toronto on her blog, Kill the Goat. I don't know... have you ever had this problem?

Dating Truths: See what I did? I didn't let it lie.
Here's a dating truth: People will tell you things you need to know if you're listening. In a perfect world, people would always communicate openly and clearly, but in the

Available condoms make a difference.
Having condoms free and readily available as I was becoming sexually active had a positive effect on my life. When I was in undergrad, condoms were out there, and we

You Should Ask Him Out, If You Want To.
This is my new and studied position. Upon landing in Los Angeles and finding myself single at 30... Well, I read all The Books. You know, all those dating books?

Leaning on Your Relationships
What do we want when we run to our friends, family and lovers with our problems? Is it a search for solutions, solace, comfort? I've been having a rough week,

Seven Reasons It's Great to Be Single
This weekend, I was looking down the barrel of single. A year ago, I wrote about all the things I enjoy about being single. And even though The Boyfriend and

Condoms - Buying 'Em and Using 'Em
I'm just going to admit this right up front. After I'd been cheated on and realized that even in a monogamous relationship I was going to have to use condoms,

Sexual Communication - At What Point, Responsibility?
So, The Boyfriend had an issue with my last post on sexual miscommunications. He thought that the guy who thought we might be about to have sex because we were

Sexual Miscommunications - Funny and Not So Much
I don't know about you, but open and clear communication about sex is definitely a challenge for me. Sometimes you know what you should say or what you want to

Three (or more)'s a Crowd.
I have found polyamory and various forms of open relationships very prevalent in Los Angeles. Here, it's as much a part of the getting to know you phase of a

Business, Parties, and Your Partner: Just Stir?
I haven't had the option for a while now until recently, but historically spreaking, I'm pro bringing the significant other to business parties. I've looked at the wife-less and the

Shopping with Your Man
So this weekend, The Boyfriend and I went shirt shopping at Ross. I needed shirts; he needed shirts and help picking out shirts. I was afraid on so many levels.

This is a Quickie.
All the talk about blowjobs lately has me contemplating another favorite sexual activity of mine: the quickie. Even better than the blowjob, perhaps, for fitting a little spark into a

Defining "Desperate"
I think some guys want to think women are desperate. My first few years in Los Angeles, newly single for the first time ever, I got the “desperate” label a

The Pre-Date Countdown
1. It's too late to lose 10 pounds, so let it go.2. It's also too late to dye any grey hairs (or cover that hot pink experiment), so let it

Women in the Blogosphere Update!
I hope everyone won't mind me jumping on again today to toot my own horn a little bit. I checked in with BlogTalkRadio today and discovered that I am a

A Condom is a Girl's Best Friend.
I was talking to a girlfriend about condoms recently, and she asked me why my boyfriend and I were still using condoms if we'd both been fully tested for STDs

Hey Baby, What's Your Number?
I imagine that some women like it when random men on the street hoot and holler at them or look them up and down while making kissy noises. I do

Some Boys Open Doors for Girls
I like it when a guy opens a door for me. More than that, I've begun to recognize it as an indication of his character and his upbringing. It's a

Moving in Together; Sooner or Later?
When I was an undergrad, the thing I wanted most in the whole world was to live with a boy. I kept trying to turn my immature romantic relationships into

When Your Relationship Status Meets Your Online Bio
I’ve got online bios. With a big plural on “bioS.” I’m on Friendster and Myspace and Blogher and some smaller community sites. Wherever you go in the blogosphere lately, you’re

How many sexual partners? I want to know!
I have a confession. Ever since Vixen asked, Would You Tell Him How Many Guys You've Slept With?, I've been thinking about her post. And while I certainly should have

Men Without Mobile Phones
Do you play I Never? No, not that one. See, whenever a relationship ends, I console myself by listing all the things I never have to deal with again. After

You Have To Work, But Your Partner Wants To Play
Are you sure you can't come over and watch a movie? No, honey, I have to work. I have to write tonight. The Temptation of the Boyfriend. I already gave

Waiting for sex. Kinda.
I dated my current boyfriend for two months before we had sex. Well... OK, that depends on your definition of sex. To be accurate, I guess I should say intercourse.

Just looking for The One.
Single woman take a lot of heat. They're told they're too picky, too desperate, trying too hard or not hard enough. They are flooded by stories about how men don't

Why I'm SexySmart
Hi, I’m Liz Rizzo, and I am so excited to be a member of the Elexa Blogging Team! Newly coupled, I’ll be blogging about dating, relationships, men, boys… and us,

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