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After dating all the eligible guys on the East Coast (as she would like to think), Vixen moved to the West Coast, to continue her adventures in the quest for true love. Currently she's a nurse by day, and a blogger at night, where she regales readers with her observations of the dating pool. Along the way she's had a few broken hearts (and broken a couple), but has realised that everything about relationships can be handled with a great deal of optimism, an unwavering belief in true love and a great circle of friends.

Girl on Top Sex
According to sex researcher Beverly Whipple, coauthor of The Science of Orgasm, girl on top positions are the all time best positions for women reaching orgasms. The reasoning is that

The Perfect Blowjob
Ever wondered how to give your guy the most perfect blowjob he will ever experience? One that will have him remembering you as the babe who ruled the Guinness World

Insecure Relationships Affect Your Health
with a sample size of 61 healthy women showed a link between attachment ability and your immune system. The researchers found that those who had difficulty establishing close, trusting relationships

Living Life and Falling in Love
I recently came across a new dating website called Lifeknot. You are probably wondering...why would someone start a new dating website when there are a bajillion other dating websites out

Why Some Nice Guys are Creepy
Scared Bunny wrote a really great post on his thoughts on nice guys and why a huge population of them usually end up getting screwed. I tend to stay away

National Singles Awareness Day
Valentine's Day is right around the corner...a day reserved for nauseatingly sweet romantic gestures, wedding proposals and expensive over-the-top gifts in red, pink and white. Even though I'm a huge

There was an article I read in last month's Cosmopolitan that got me thinking more about foreplay. When dating, foreplay is one of the mainstays of the dating relationship. However,

Home Shopping for 'Female Stuff'
Ever had a moment when you had to go to the drugstore to get a pregnancy test or yeast infection meds and just cringed knowing that you would have to

A Woman's Mantra
One of my favorite bloggettes, the Mistress wrote an excellent post today about how a woman should empower herself first before she seeks out a relationship. She noted how us

7 Relationship Sins
In December's Cosmopolitan there's a really great article called, What Smart Girlfriend's Never Do, by Gini Sikes. She interviewed Dr. Ablow, a psychiatrist who believes that familiarity nearly always breeds

Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and a happy purchase. ~John Balguy If your life

The Truth About Men, Love & Sex
I'm reading this book, The Truth About Men, Love Sex right now by David Zinczenko, the editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine. The book analyses a survey done on 5,000 people

New Year's Sex Resolution
Okay, I'll be the cliche blogger that actually posts about resolutions. Every woman when thinking of your New Year's resolutions should incorporate her desires in the realm of romance and

The Evolution of Sex
In an ideal relationship, all elements of connection and chemistry co-exist. However, even if you have a hot and steamy sex life in the beginning of the relationship, somewhere along

Orgasmless Sex
Until recently, I had never heard of Orgasmless Sex. My friend coined the phrase when she was describing to me an encounter that she had with a certain gentleman. It

The Pitfalls of Eye Candy
Everyone is used to a certain level of eye candy. We are bombarded daily with images via the media, television, magazines and advertising of 'beautiful people'. We each have our

Trust & Love
In relationships, trust is one of the foundation stones. The thing about trust is that it's usually given without reservations, until it's broken. Once it is, trust is one of

Christmas Shopping & Doing Good
The gift-giving industry is an annually 51-billion dollar industry. All this money is going to pockets that are just getting richer and richer instead of to where it really should

Taking Charge in the Bedroom
The media and society have propelled sexual empowerment for women rapidly ahead in the last decade. I remember a time when it was taboo for a woman to seek out

Playing Games
Andrea wrote a great post on her blog last week about playing games. From childhood, we've enjoyed playing games, especially when we win them. Even though we 'grew out' of

Positive Affirmations
It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. ~ Muhammad Ali I'm a regular reader on Moxie's

Blowjobs Are Not Icky
One of my favorite bloggettes, Vix at Overeducated Nympho wrote an excellent article that completely negates every single excuse that women have regarding giving blowjobs. She took every single one

Joining the Harem
Definition: A harem is a group of women that provide sexual favors for One man. Usually the number of females in a harem is 2 or more. This could be

Sex With a Virgin
I had a post on my blog a couple of weeks ago in which I asked readers to send me their funniest sex stories. There were a few responses, however

Controlled Giving
Definition: This is the gift given to you by someone that is spurred predominantly by feelings and thoughts of gaining or maintaining control in your life.Now classic giving doesn't fall

Sixty Nine
When I was in college, somehow I got the nickname 34.5. Considering that back then, my virginal self didn't even know what the hell 69 was, I kept wondering why

Erotic Messages
Being a lover of the written word, I have found erotic messages a wonderful creative activity that adds more zing to one’s love life. It doesn’t have to be anything

Spooning Basics
Ever since I realised what Spooning was, I've enjoyed it. There is such comfort, security and sense of attachment found with just that one position. When cuddling, most couples end

Male Hormonal Contraceptives
There was an article in the LA Times last week on the advances made by the pharmaceutical industry in creating and researching alternative birth control measures for men besides the

The Vibrating Ring
I tried the Vibrating Ring last night. WOW. It was freakin' amazing! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have the Rabbit attached to your lover? Well,

Sex in Islam
The Wall Street Journal last week had an inspiring story of Dr. Heba Kotb, a Muslim medical doctor and sex therapist based in Cairo. She's one of the first in

Saying 'I Love You'
Of all the relationship milestones, this is one that brings a thrill to my heart. It signifies (especially if it's mutual), that the relationship has gone past the lower stages

Women Helping Women
Moxie has a great post on her blog about the power of positive thinking. She was walking down the street one day, thinking about a troubling conversation that she had

Are You Too Picky?
I was chatting to a male friend the other day and he stated that the reason so many of us beautiful, successful, intelligent women are single are because we are

Tips on Staying Committed to Your Partner
There is an article in October's issue of Women's Health written by James Vlahos that further elucidates how to form a closer monogamous bond with your partner. Contrary to the

Is Contraception Bad??
About 250 people last weekend attended a two-day conference titled Contraception Is Not The Answer in Rosemont, Ill., hosted by the Pro-Life Action League, the Chicago Tribunereports. My first thought

Reciprocity in a Relationship
Alot of the women that I have come across really go weak at the knees when their current flame exhibits any romantic inkling or deed. We love it when he

HPV: The New 'Sex Cold'
Moxie has a great thread in her blog this week about HPV. In it, she got asked by a reader what her thoughts were on the fact that his new

When You Are Mad at Him
Now eventually, even the nicest, coolest guy is bound to do or say something totally insensitive or annoying. Some women can let things slide easily, however for majority of us,

Standing By Your Partner
One of my darling readers emailed me this question that struck a few chords with me. Do you think that women seem to be more accepting of the physical appearance

The Color Wheel of Emotions
Emotions have taught mankind to reason. ~ Marquis De VauvenarguesEver since I was a kid, I've expressed my emotions more aptly in color than anything else. I would refer to

My First Time Buying Condoms
I totally am stumped as to what to write for today, so, for your reading pleasure, I'm going to attempt to talk about the first time I actually bought condoms.

Research Says a Woman's Sex Drive Plummets
A study done in Germany by researchers of the Hamburg-Eppendorf University interviewed 530 men women aged over 30 and found out that a women's sex drive decrease significantly once they

Asking the Right Questions About Sex
The highly intelligent Dr. Annie from Smart at Love has a really important post on her blog this week. She asked 200 respondants to take a survey on her website

Freaky Requests from Your Lover
“There’s something new in bed that I would like us to try,” your lover broaches one evening. With trepidation you listen to his request, knowing that no matter how open-minded

Who Enjoys Blowjobs More?
When you ask a guy what he likes best about a blowjob, the most responses I've gotten had to do with the imagery. It's the ultimate accepting act. She's fully

Denying Beauty
Andrea wrote an interesting post on her blog last week. In it, she talked about having several discussions with women in which they deny or downplay their beauty. We turn

One Night Stand Rules
I've been reading a blog by a new Singleton who has been trying to have a one night stand for what seems like forever in her eyes. For one reason

When You are Too Tired For Sex
Sometimes, even the most highly sexual and passionate relationship can head for Slumpville. With busy lives, work schedules, errands, families and hobbies, it's very hard to juggle everything in addition

Would You Tell Him How Many Guys You've Slept With?
Now according to American Pie, the magic number (number of partners you each have slept with) differs drastically between men and women. They said that guys tend to exaggerate their

When He Wants You Just For Sex
What do you do when you realize that he just wants you for sex? First of all, you have got to ask yourself what you wanted/expected out of him. If

How to Get Laid Tonight
Being a single girl is almost nowadays synonymously acquainted with a carefree sex life. It's all about the Big O, whenever, wherever and with whomever we please. However, just because

Bad Girls Rule!
The first question that anyone asked me about my blog was why I used the title as the Bad Girls Guide. The thing about it is, every woman—-even the ‘nice’

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